Month: July 2022

Russia names the UK and US mercenaries en route to Ukraine

Moscow warned the individuals to turn back instead of joining Kiev’s forces. The Russian military has published the names of five people who it identified as British and American citizens on their way to join the Ukrainian forces. It warned that they could be captured and tried as mercenaries or even end up dead if they follow through on their plans.

Mike’s Wikipedia Page

MICHAEL WALSH RADIO SHOW hosted by internationally renowned presenter Pastor Andrew-Carrington Hitchcock is a winning formula for information expunged from the airwaves of government-approved conventional radio and television networks.

The Cult of Death promoted by Hollywood

Such is the degeneration and macabre degeneracy of the dying West that Hollywood celebrities advertise things that kill people.
American stars are selected and paid well to encourage death and disease when they praise morbid obesity and transgender ‘therapy’ for children. Heavily promoted novo-celebrities plucked from obscurity fig for the right to kill children in the womb says Daily Wire host Candace Owens. 

How the Kagan-Nuland Family Influences Coverage of the War in Ukraine

From the very beginning of the military special operation in Ukraine, the Washington organization institute for the Study of War has been actively following its progress and covering the results. The NPO is basically typical of what the Mexican President described as a Jewish Mafia with an average annual budget of $1.7 million, is run by the sister-in-law of US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland. The ‘reports from the front’ from ISW are characterized by an openly pro-Kiev position. RT studied how the anti-Russian structure was born and what the Ukrainian roots of the Nuland family have to do with it.

NATO Europe Braces after US missiles target and kill Ukrainians and Russians in Russian City

At least six people have died as a result of shelling by Ukrainian forces of Nova Kakhovka in the Kherson region, said the head of the military-civilian administration of the Kakhovka region, Volodymyr Leontyev. The Monday night strike blew up warehouses filled with mineral fertilizers, damaging hundreds of homes and dozens of infrastructures, according to authorities. The blazing difficult-to-control fires in the city are still going on.

Rotting corpses chewed on by rats in top Paris university

Rotting corpses chewed on by rats: Authorities push forward with a probe into appalling treatment of cadavers at Paris university. French officials have begun a new phase in an investigation over the mishandling of human bodies donated to a Paris university research centre after photographs taken at the facility revealed horror-film-like conditions.