Month: July 2022

American youth are going crazy on antidepressants, but the media prefer not to notice

21-year-old Robert Crimo, who shot down a festive procession in a suburb of Chicago, lived a typical life of American young men: loneliness, social networks and mental disorders states Fox News. As TV presenter Tucker Carlson notes, over the past thirty years, the US population has become firmly addicted to psychotropic drugs, pharmaceutical companies have received fabulous profits, and mass murders in the country have increased dramatically.

Cutting the branch we sit on – a top German politician called for the lifting of energy sanctions against Russia

Only the Germans themselves suffer from the absolutely failed German sanctions policy towards Russia, Klaus Ernst, a German politician, head of the Parliamentary Committee on Energy and Climate Protection, said in an interview with the Rheinische Post. For Moscow, the punitive measures bring benefits, namely, an increase in income from the sale of raw materials at high prices. In this regard, he calls for the lifting of sanctions and the start of negotiations with the Kremlin, including on the temporary launch of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.