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Desperate to skipper the Titanic after the collision

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Devotees to political correctness would be horrified should they chance upon the racism inherent in every remark made by Cecil Rhodes (1853-1902).

Remember that you are an Englishman, and have consequently won first prize in the lottery of life,’ might be regarded as one of the British imperialist’s mildest remarks. Fast forward 150 years and it is doubtful if more than a handful of Englishmen would agree with England’s remarkable empire builder.

Tommy Atkins is more likely to fall into line with the views of William Blake (1757-1827): ‘A curse for England, false and base, where nothing can prosper but disgrace, where crushed is each flower’s tender form, and decay and corruption feed the worm.’

As a vivid description of what England has become Blake’s obituary does seem to nail it.

Britain’s departure from the European Union on a knife-edge referendum merely transferred tutelage from Brussels to Washington DC. Most would wryly remark that going direct would cut out the middleman. Since BREXIT, the number crunchers have done their work. It is discovered that Britain’s 31 million taxpayers are obliged to fork out an eyewatering £10 billion for the final divorce settlement.

There is little comfort from learning that the alimony was rubber-stamped by Foreign Secretary Liz Truss and ex-Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak. Proteges of the World Economic Forum, Truss and Sunak are frontrunners to take the place of the recently resigned British-American prime minister Boris Johnson. Conservative Party members in September will decide on which of the final two contenders are best equipped to hopefully lead Britain out of the abyss.

It is admittedly a tough choice: party members will decide between a zillionaire born of Punjabi-Hindu parents or a government foreign minister of questionably fiscal ethics who recently confused the Black Sea in Euro-Asia with the Baltic Sea close to the Arctic Circle.

Perhaps a protégé of US President Joe Biden, Liz Truss raised more smiles than votes when she got lost whilst leaving a conference hall. We can all make gaffes but describing two important Russian cities as being in the territory of Ukraine is a schoolboy howler too far.

One is mindful of the remark: ‘They said, ‘cheer up as things could be worse.’ So, I cheered up and sure enough things did get worse.’

‘Come back, Boris, all is forgiven.’ It is hardly surprising that thousands of unhappy Conservative Party stalwarts prefer to see Boris Johnson returned as British prime minister.

Other than for self-aggrandizement one wonders why anyone would wish to be premier of a much-divided nation descending into economic catastrophe. Inflation is running at a record high, and non-European migrants – many of them armed and unaccountable are storming England’s shores.

It is estimated that as many as 2,000,000 million Britons can afford only one meal a day; as elsewhere in the EU food banks are a growth industry. This is before the effects of anti-Russian sanctions kick in when millions face an eat or heat dilemma with the British fall only a matter of weeks away.

Whoever is elected to replace Boris Johnson appears to be undertaking (sic) to replace the captain of the RMS Titanic at midnight on April 14, 1915. The vessel sank 2 hours later.

The dwindling number of happy Englishmen will include HRH Prince Charles who recently learned that his Prince of Wales’s Charitable Fund will not be probed over the ‘bags of cash’ totalling £2,5 million ($3 million) it received in £500 notes in Fortnum & Mason’s carrier bags from Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber al Thani of the Qatari royal family.  Another of Charles’s charities, the Prince’s Foundation, is currently under police investigation for an alleged ‘cash for honours’ scandal.

This leaves one question: when the manure hits the fan where will Britain’s royal and political culprits flee to? When in June 1941, the armed forces of Germany overran northern France, ships of the Royal Navy were placed on standby to evacuate the British Royal Family, the political elite and the nation’s gold reserves to the United States.

The ‘exodus of the rich’ favoured the Dominions and the United States. However, the dominions have gone the way of empires past. With over 50 per cent of American’s predicting civil war the choice of bolt hole for Britain’s accomplices of misfortune is few are far between. THIS NEWS STORY WAS SPONSORED BY MICHAEL (NORTH CAROLINA. US).



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