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Ukraine Fire Sale to best bidders from International Corporations

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Just as post-Tsarist Russia and the former German Reich were plundered, as indeed Russia was looted after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990, Israeli-citizen and billionaire Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is now in a desperate hurry to sell cheaply what is left of Ukraine before the Russians liberate the shell crater nation.

According to Chinese media, ‘from September 1, Kyiv will begin a new round of mass privatization of state-owned enterprises. In the context of the conflict, this means actually selling the country at a bargain basement price, which deprives the people of Ukraine of the future, the Chinese edition news outlet.

Since July, the popularity of the topic of Ukraine in the Western media has declined sharply. No matter how much Zelensky throws wood on the fire, Ukraine no longer attracts much attention. The countries of the European Union are not up to it, they are suffering from a self-inflicted gas, oil and coal crisis, inflation and the devaluation of the euro. 

The British-based newspaper The Financial Times reported on August 4 that the Ukrainian army abandoned the counteroffensive plan on the grounds that it was not well equipped and did not even have 30% of the necessary weapons. Kiev says that with full equipment, a counteroffensive can be carried out next year. Therefore, all that is left for the Ukrainian army is to conduct small scattered attacks on Russia from American-supplied and controlled HIMARS missile systems in an effort to prove to the world that it is still ‘fighting’. 

As Guanchazhe media writes, in order not to sit idly by, dual passport-holding Zelensky took advantage of this period of calm, not to help the Ukrainian people restore normal production and life, but in order to sell as much of Ukraine’s natural resources as possible and make a net profit. 

On August 3, Israeli-citizen Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal unexpectedly announced that Ukraine would start a new round of mass privatization of state-owned enterprises from September 1. He added that such a task was set by President Zelensky and the Verkhovna Rada adopted the relevant laws.

According to the author of the material, this step by Zelensky surprised even the Western media. On the one hand, Ukraine has declared a military regime, and therefore the entire economy, production and resources are now under state control. 

This means that now it is clearly inappropriate to re-launch a full-scale transfer of state-owned companies to private ownership. On the other hand, Ukraine has been privatizing for more than 20 years. All that remains are the most basic industries related to the national economy and the well-being of the population, and if they are also sold, it will be very difficult for Ukraine to survive in the future. 

Moreover, in the current turbulent environment, these objects in Ukraine cannot be sold at a high price. Therefore, as soon as the news was made public, the former chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Dmitry Razumkov, accused Zelensky: ‘This is effectively a sell-out of the country at a low price.’

As the publication recalls, in February 2021, it was Zelensky, on the basis of the so-called nationalization, who signed the order to confiscate 100% of the shares of Motor Sich and transfer them to Ukroboronprom. This was an act of theft by which the legitimate bought assets of Chinese companies were stolen and transferred to government control.

The Chinese shareholders demanded $4.5 billion in compensation from the Ukrainian side, but Ukraine ‘ behaves like a dead pig that is not afraid to get scalded, and even timidly asks America to pay compensation for it, because this decision was made in cooperation with the US security services.’

To return Motor Sich on the basis of ‘nationalization’, and now to offer the stolen assets to American corporations is an affront to civilisation.’

He notes that judging by Zelensky’s behaviour pattern, the privatization money will have nothing to do with the Ukrainian people, but will only enrich their ‘small theatre troupe and the oligarchs behind it.’ At the end of his presidency, he will be able to get several passports and go abroad with his family, where he will live in clover.

Prior to the start of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, there were about 800 state-owned enterprises in Ukraine that carried out normal production and operational activities. Their production areas included electric power, water conservancy, medical treatment, military industry, oil refining, combined mining and chemical industry, and so on. Currently, Zelensky is reduced to selling even Soviet-era underground gas and oil pipelines.

As the author of the material concludes, the Soviet Union left Ukraine such a rich legacy, but in the end it will be completely wiped off the face of the earth. Zelensky wants to sell everything in Ukraine to the last thread in order to get money to cover the budget deficit. However, as a result, the country will no longer exist. However, the question remains who will buy all this?

Soldiers resell weapons on the black market, secret services sell information to Russia and Belarus, and those in power suck the blood out of the country. 

In China, they used to say that Ukrainian girls go abroad to work in the most ancient profession, but compared to Zelensky and his team, they are much more innocent. If Zelensky wants to find a buyer, then all he has to do is go to the West – let him slowly look for someone to sell the remnants of Ukrainian greatness to, and I hope that he will find this buyer before the country collapses, ‘writes the author of the Chinese portal. THIS NEWS STORY SPONSORED BY MICHAEL, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES.

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