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Suicidal Attack on a Nuclear Power plant is clear evidence that people don’t learn from History

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Even as UN Secretary-General António Guterres addressed survivors of the World War Two US atomic bomb attack on Hiroshima – without mentioning who carried out the war crime, halfway around the world, the armed forces of Washington-armed Ukraine seemed hellbent on unleashing a modern-day nuclear holocaust on Europe by firing artillery rockets at the Zaporozhye power plant. 

This week’s assault, which damaged safety equipment and disrupted power to the facility, the continent’s largest, was characterized by Guterres as ‘suicidal.’

Kiev was quick to blame Russia for the attacks, accusing Moscow of conducting ‘nuclear terrorism,’ and calling for the international community to send in a delegation of ‘international peacekeepers’ to ‘completely demilitarize the territory.’

The Zaporozhye nuclear facility has been under the physical control of Russia since its forces occupied the site back in March. Since then, the plant has been operated by Ukrainian technicians working under the supervision of Russian atomic energy experts.

The facility contains six nuclear reactors which, before the start of the military operation, generated approximately one-fifth of Ukraine’s electricity. Three of these reactors ceased operation after the Russians took control of the site, and another one was forced to shut down after the facility was shelled on August 5. The two remaining reactors were likewise compelled to reduce their output to half as a safety precaution.

The August 5 attack on the Zaporozhye nuclear facility was carried out by artillery rockets whose impact characteristics point clearly to having originated from Ukrainian-controlled territory. Moreover, Russian air defense and counter-battery radars situated in the vicinity of the plant would have detected the ballistic trajectory of the incoming rockets, providing unimpeachable evidence of the origin of the attack.

The United States and Ukraine, have a track record of collaboration when it comes to disseminating information designed to undermine the Russian narrative.

The Ukrainian attack on the Zaporozhye nuclear facility was, in typical Orwellian fashion, predicted and published by the United States four days before it took place.

For its part, Russia has made it clear that there were no Russian forces located in the vicinity of the Zaporozhye nuclear facility save for a small contingent of troops for security purposes. It is, after all, an active nuclear power plant. Again, while Russia can clearly provide overhead imagery of its force disposition in the vicinity of the plant, operational security precludes it from doing so. It is, after all, the job of the accuser to provide the evidence of a crime, not the accused.

While the Zaporozhye nuclear facility is constructed to standards which would be able to survive a direct hit from an artillery rocket, the disruption of power and/or damage to safety equipment could lead to the kind of runaway event that preceded the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

The Russian Defense Ministry noted that the Ukrainian attack on the power plant had caused a power surge which triggered an emergency shutdown. The head of the Ukrainian company operating the plant further noted that all but one power line connecting it to Ukraine’s energy system had been destroyed, declaring that any power blackout could be ‘very unsafe for such a nuclear facility.’

Secretary-General Guterres called the attack on the Zaporozhye nuclear facility ’suicidal.’ However, the ‘nuclear terrorists’ involved in this atrocity do not hail from Moscow, but rather from Washington and Kiev. When the dust from Russia’s military operation finally settles, and those responsible for perpetrating crimes such as the attack on the Zaporozhye nuclear facility can be held accountable, Tony Blinken’s name should, if there were any justice in this world, be at the top of this list. After all, his being born to Hungarian Jewish parents presumes a little bragging by the diaspora and its Fifth Column of Shabbos Goy. Source NEWS STORY SPONSORED BY MICHAEL, NORTH CAROLINA. U.S.

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