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Ghost Town Facebook Banned 1.3 billion Accounts over 3 months

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NEWS STORES ON HOLD UNTIL DONATIONS ARRIVE: Before you advertise on Facebook consider that 70% of users are inactive. Particularly dead in the water are Pages in the Community, Company and Public Figure categories.

Throughout Russia Facebook is banned as being an extremist organisation. Because the European Union law demands that Facebook must not share information with US servers the platform could soon be blocked in Europe.

It is revealed that Facebook Business category pages have seen a significant drop from 6,400 fans per Page in March to a ludicrous 3,233 and user migration to is accelerating.

Have you ever felt that Facebook made the wrong call in deleting your content, banning you from the platform, or putting you into Facebook jail? You’re not alone.

According to a report by NYU Stern, Facebook content moderators review posts, pictures, and videos that have been flagged by AI or reported by users about 3 million times a day. But CEO Mark Zuckerberg admits that fact checks are merely the personal opinions of ‘fact checkers’ employed after screening to weed out anyone with non-liberal opinions.

As reported in a White Paper moderators make the wrong call in more than one out of every 10 cases,’. This means that innocent posters are victims 300,000 times a day. Facebook and Twitter, YouTube and suchlike marginalized the people who do this work, outsourcing the vast majority of it to third-party vendors.’

Facebook employs over 15,000 content moderators directly or indirectly. If they have three million posts to moderate each day, that’s 200 per person: 25 each and every hour in an eight-hour shift.

That’s under 150 seconds to decide if a post meets or ‘violates community standards.’ But what if one of the things you need to review is a 10-minute video? That could mean that a content moderator might only have seconds for other posts.

The pandemic was particularly problematic for Silicon Valley’s sinister cultists: Content moderators were sent home leaving full control to Facebook’s automated system. That uncool strategy was an unmitigated disaster. It led to random widespread blocking or deleting of posts mentioning Coronavirus from reputable sources such as The Independent and the Dallas Morning News, not to mention millions of individual Facebook users.

Is there an alternative? Yes, ticks far more boxes than does Facebook. The CEO is a staunch Christian who is happy to see any opinions and posts expressed that comply with the US Constitution. In fact, has proved that with a minimum of interference Gab users can be relied on to post according to civilised values. The only taboo is pornography.

That gets a toxic Wikipedia review and is constantly attacked by the west’s liberal media is a signal that Gab.Com is the fighting White, Right and Light of social media information sharing. is harvesting 20,000 visits every hour and adding tens of millions of satisfied users who were once Facebook users. The super-performing free platform is thought to be far more influential than Facebook.

Facebook’s enthusiasm for blocking and deleting has led to its posts being the least challenging of all social media. Great if you like cats, discovering where your friends are dining and what they are eating, and user selfies: one wonders what use the CIA has for such information. Source. STORY SPONSORED BY MICHAEL, NORTH CAROLINA.



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  1. I even had you on my FB account, Mr. Walsh. I don’t remember because I had many accounts and got banned from them all. I have a FB account with my real names that I use ONLY with my family, but I never check it. My mother chides me because I dont respond to ‘happy birthday’ messages/posts I got on FB. I tell her “They know my cell phone number. A text message or a phone call will suffice. I don’t need my entire life advertised on Facebook”

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