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BREAKING NEWS Military analyst commented on new information about the work of US bio laboratories in Ukraine

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News Story Sponsored by Mícheál Walsh: Washington DC was working on bio-warfare agents that kill, maim and reduce populations based on their ethnicity: Military analyst, Deputy President of the Russian Academy of Missile and Artillery Sciences Konstantin Sivkov, in a conversation with RT, commented on information about the leak of documents from the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine confirming Kyiv’s participation in the deployment of an American military biological program in the country.

‘American bio laboratories appeared on Ukrainian territory long before 2010. Why did Washington choose Ukraine for this? Those experiments that the Americans are conducting in these laboratories cannot be carried out on the territory of the United States itself, according to their legislation. The Americans, in fact, treat the Ukrainian population as guinea pigs, on whom extremely dangerous pathogens can be tested,’ Sivkov said.

According to the expert, promising areas of activity of US bio laboratories in the post-Soviet space were not limited to the development of infectious or viral pathogens.

‘The US is still trying to create bioweapons using genetic technology that would work against certain ethnic groups. And in Ukraine, a scenario with an impact on the Slavic gene pool was being worked out, ‘he said.

Sivkov emphasizes that being outside the jurisdiction of the United States, American researchers allowed themselves extremely dubious experiments.

‘In particular, the direct release of pathogens into the environment was also allowed. This, apparently, was associated with inexplicable outbreaks in Ukraine of various kinds of rare and atypical infections for the area,’ concluded the military analyst.

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