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Calls For Notting Hill Carnival to be Scrapped After Another Weekend of Mass Violence

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It appears that the police policy of taking the knee and the cops fawning over non-whites is taking its toll. There are increasing calls to scrap the annual Notting Hill Carnival entirely after another weekend of disastrous rioting, anti-White racism, criminality and mass violence left one person dead, over 200 arrested and 74 police officers injured.

The carnival, which was suspended in 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID pandemic, is an open-air music festival intended to celebrate multiculturalism, British African Caribbean and British Indo-Caribbean culture.

However, casting doubt on the claim that ‘diversity is a strength,’ the carnival is routinely marred by mass sexual assaults, vandalism, thefts and innumerable violent assaults.

According to London’s Asian Mayor Sadiq Khan, the vibes at the event this year were ‘immaculate,’ a dubious claim given what actually happened.

The carnage at the carnival this year included the following;

– 74 police officers injured
– One female constable was put in a headlock and sexually assaulted
– Eight other recorded sexual assaults
– Innumerable acts of vandalism and theft
– One murder
– At least six other stabbings
– A record number of knives seized after 441 stop and searches
– 209 total arrests.

If another event, such as the Glastonbury music festival or the FA Cup Final, had seen similar levels of criminality, people would be banned from attending or the event scrapped altogether.

However, because the Notting Hill Carnival is attended primarily by black, brown and bastard-race people, any attempt to crack down on the chaos it creates will likely be labelled ‘racist’.

Some members of the police federation are now calling for serious action to be taken, with some suggestions the carnival should be suspended entirely.

‘For the last two years, my colleagues have spent the August bank holiday not being assaulted in large numbers. Why not?’ asked Ken Marsh, chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation. ‘Because the Notting Hill Carnival did not take place.

‘But today we are having to again face the fallout from policing the event. The tragedy is that someone has been killed. But also 34 of my colleagues have been hurt after coming under attack. One female officer was grabbed in a headlock and sexually assaulted. This is completely unacceptable. Every year we argue that this event should not take place but we are not listened to.’

‘There were 11,000 officers on duty across the weekend. For lots of them, this was their first experience of policing the carnival and they have been left extremely shocked by what they have seen and been subjected to.’

‘We are simply not listened to and those who support the carnival do not seem to care what happens to police officers (or idiot Whites who attend). ‘The violence my colleagues face when policing this event seems to be the price we have to pay and that is a completely unacceptable situation.’

As we document in the video below, despite dozens of their own officers being injured, the Metropolitan Police claimed the festival had been ‘largely positive and good-natured.’ Which is just as absurd as CNN claiming the George Floyd riots were ‘mostly peaceful demonstrations.’ PLEASE SHARE OUR STORIES.

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