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Ukrainian State Terrorism threatens Americans and Europeans

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News Story Sponsored by Mícheál Walsh: The philosopher’s Prado Land Cruiser SUV was designed to master the world’s toughest terrains but was no match for an explosive charge slipped furtively beneath the driver’s position by a female Ukrainian Secret Services (SBU) agent.

In fact, the victim of the dreadful flesh-shredding detonation was the public figure’s journalist daughter Darya Dugina (29) who was driving the Land Cruiser. It was likely presumed that he would be in the car with his daughter. Fatefully he had accepted a lift from a friend and was travelling in the car behind.

The identity of suspect SBU agent Natalya Vovk was quickly established by their FSB Russian counterparts but she remains at large. Vovk will be difficult to locate.

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) is headquartered in a formidable well-guarded building in Kyiv. The imposing structure has a remarkable similarity to the notorious Lubyanka NKVD headquarters of Soviet times. Two of its three floors are manned by the Central Criminal Agency (CIA).

Russia was appalled and outraged by the blatantly political assassination carried out within 20km of the Kremlin. However, the response by the orchestrated western media was flippant. Many falsely reported that public figure Alexander Dugin was ‘a pal of Putin’s’ as if that makes assassination okay.

This disdain, the lack of compassion or criticism not to mention under-reporting is hardly surprising: ‘The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media,’ surmised former CIA Director William Colby (1973-1976) who died in a mysterious canoeing accident in 1996.

Artemy Lebedev articulated his thoughts on the western media’s mocking response to the assassination of a vibrant young intellectual. 

‘Dances on bones infuriates me’; ‘the truly terrible thing is that liberals of all stripes crawl out of the cracks and start saying, “ha-ha, that is what Dugin needs.’ Ukraine’s political elite went further in openly mocking the victim and her anguished father. The term ‘liquidated’ was commonly used.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov a normally cool diplomat described the murder of the journalist as ‘a barbaric crime for which there is no forgiveness.’

The expression ‘state terrorism’ is today more often heard and is clearly a strategy adopted by the Kyiv regime in response to its being outgunned on the Eastern Front.

For the last eight years, a group of publicly unknown activists in Ukraine have been compiling lists of ‘enemies of the people’ with impunity. Hundreds of thousands have been declared criminals without trial.

Among them are not only Russian citizens, but also Ukrainian opposition figures and bloggers, European politicians, and US citizens. At the very least, being added to this list is a stigma that makes life difficult in Ukraine, but it can also serve as justification for imprisonment or, in some cases, even being killed.

In the western alliance’s playbook state terrorism knows few frontiers. The Baltic States once a fundamental part of Imperial Russia, are historically homelands for ethnic Russians. Few speak the minor languages of the Baltic republics. Latvia is now introducing anti-Russian laws that specify their 25 per cent Russian population to be ‘potential enemies of the state,’ who must speak Latvian.

Recently, Alexander Bastrykin the mayor of Dnipro, Ukraine’s third largest city, called for the worldwide murder of Russians. Not to be outclassed, the Ukrainian ambassador to Kazakhstan suggested an open season on ethnic Russians:

“We are trying to kill as many (Russians) as possible. The more Russians we kill now, the fewer our children will have to. That’s it.”

Posing an equal threat to the West is Washington’s wink-wink endorsement of a Ukrainian attack on the infrastructure of the Russian territory of Crimea. Bear in mind that the weapons necessary for carrying out such assaults are American supplied and controlled, possibly from US bases in Poland.

The media wouldn’t even waste the time trying to explain how an assault on the 17 km Russian bridge carrying 36,000 vehicles a day could be described as defensive. Such sponsorship brings the United States and its people into direct conflict with Russia and its allies.

The hapless peoples of the western alliance can be under no illusions as to the estrangement that is occurring between Russia and their own nations. Long after the current crop of pro-Washington political decision-makers are ousted the increasingly isolated and impoverished 27 nations of Western Europe will rue their cosying up to proponents of state terrorism.  Mícheál Walsh American Free Press European Correspondent.

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