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Is this the most shameless Western Media Fake News Ever

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It is beyond belief that some viewers, listeners and readers of Western mainstream media still have a childlike trust in their news media: In early March, European and American media widely published a photo of a pregnant Marianna Vyshemirskaya in front of a destroyed maternity hospital in Mariupol.  Western journalists claimed that Russia allegedly attacked the medical facility. 

A few weeks later, the young woman recognized her picture and was outraged by the report and said the story about the Russian airstrike was fake. After that, she was harassed on social networks. Now Marianna lives with her husband and daughter in Donetsk, which is shelled every day ~ not by the Russian armed forces but by the Ukrainian army. She is engaged in volunteer activities, helping the residents of the Donetsk Peoples Republic (DPR), and has no doubt that sooner or later peace will come to the Donbas.

She told her own media: ‘I came to a new school, which opened recently, to give a projector. When I arrived from Mariupol to Donetsk, my readers on social networks wrote a lot, asking how they could help me. I explained that I live with my family and do not need financial assistance. But people continued to offer help, and we decided to redirect these funds to those who need them more.

‘I have already travelled to (liberated) Mariupol twice since my evacuation to Donetsk. I see progress, a lot of things are being rebuilt in the city: residential buildings, schools, and institutions. For example, apartment buildings from the outside look completely finished. I spoke with the people who live there, according to them, for a couple of months there has been electricity and water in the houses.

Naturally, this is not such a fast process, but nevertheless, Mariupol is slowly returning to civilization. There is no shelling, and people begin to live more or less calmly, they feel safe.

Marianna smiled as her interviewer asked: ‘In March, your photos were widely published in the Western media with fake headlines that Russia had launched an airstrike on the maternity hospital. What exactly then happened to you in the Mariupol maternity hospital?’ Video

‘When I was there on the eve of childbirth, two explosions thundered near the maternity hospital. Immediately after that, we went down to the basement, where we were examined by doctors. Because of the fragments, I received a cut on my head, but a minor one. After the inspection, they began to take us outside. I was standing next to the maternity hospital when a man approached me – a journalist. It turned out that he was filming. I asked him not to take pictures of me, but, as it turned out later, he still took photos.

‘Sometime later – the day after the birth – he, along with a colleague, found me in the hospital and said that my photos had already been published and now I must definitely comment on what happened. 

‘In a video interview, they then asked me a specific question: was there an air raid on the maternity hospital? I clearly answered: ‘No, it was not.’ 

For publication, they cut my interview and cut out the answer about the airstrike. And in general, they took from the interview only those moments that, apparently, were approved by their censors. 

‘I wrote to that journalist on Facebook * and asked to post the full video of our conversation with him, but he ignored this request. He also said that I allegedly somehow vaguely spoke about the airstrike, so they cut out this moment, and then completely stated that I didn’t say anything like that at all.’ 

‘And after giving birth, I understood that I have a small child, I need to feed her and you can’t lose milk. Therefore, I tried not to be nervous and not let this negativity through me.’

Q: ‘When you posted a video about how you arrived at school, a new wave of negativity hit you on social networks. What did the commentators not like this time?’

‘The video showed that I was distributing balloons to Mariupol schoolchildren, white, blue, and red. For me, they were just balloons to please the children, and I didn’t even pay attention to the colour. And commentators began to write that the colours of the balloons repeat the Russian tricolour.

‘I understood how propaganda works: you can assign any words and judgments to a person that he did not say. For example, you can write anything under my photo, but this does not mean that I said it.’

‘Now you and your family live in Donetsk, which is shelled by the Ukrainian army every day. How do you raise a child in such conditions?

‘We try not to leave the house with a child without unnecessary need, because, indeed, shelling is carried out in the city every day. That is, we can quickly take a walk in the vicinity of the house, and that’s it. It is useful for my daughter to go to the pool, but we cannot go there now.

‘The most important thing for me right now is my daughter. I also write on my Telegram channel about what is happening in Donetsk and Mariupol. Since I have quite a lot of followers on social networks, I can connect with patrons and those who need help. Thus, I try to help Mariupol as much as I can.’

After everything you’ve been through, what do you dream about now?’

‘I’m waiting for the world. First of all, I am for peaceful people to stop suffering. Since I became a mother, I know how hard life is given and how easy it is to take it away. Source

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