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The writer who achieved success by leaving his name off the book covers

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MÍCHEÁL WALSH smiles as he recalls that early in life, he dreamed only of becoming a well-known novelist. Under no illusions, he knew he was unlikely to succeed without the drudge. Leslie Thomas, the author of the bestselling novel The Virgin Soldiers wallpapered his bedroom walls with publisher’s rejection slips.

Born into a literary family Mícheál supposes he was genetically programmed to take up the pen rather than the sword. Fate deemed otherwise: the ex-seaman was still only 26 years old when he spotted a small newspaper classified advert that would change his life forever.

The advert read: ‘Back Britain for the British’. Join the British Movement. Contact Colin Jordan, 42 Tudor Avenue, Broad Lane, Coventry. The rest, as they say, is history. The would-be novelist put writing to one side as he ‘took up arms’ with the revolutionary right.

Frankly, it was not a smart move; a life well-lived with the highest of ideals is not a financially rewarding life. Quite the opposite, right-wing activism assures a penniless future. Book publishers’ rejection slips would be less painful than constantly rattling an empty can for donations.

It was because life as a political activist was unrewarding that in 1998 Mícheál turned to a career as a novelist to see if a thriller would help him to make ends meet.

Perhaps he was playing catch-up 50 years too late. Besides, by this time the award-winning writer, like Solzhenitsyn was marked as a politically incorrect dissident.

Having finally published enough books to make ends meet, Amazon in 2021 (December) summarily and without appeal removed all Mícheál Walsh books. Palace publishers sniffily turned their faces away lest they be tainted.

Interestingly, the author’s 70 plus books considered by the woke cult to be damning included fewer than 10 books that truthfully chronicled the origins of Soviet Communism and books relating to President-Chancellor Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich.

The greatest irony of all is that Mícheál now helps his family to make ends meet by assisting, editing, enhancing and publishing books, memoirs and novels penned by conventional writers.

Books by Mícheál Walsh are today considered perfect ~ provided they don’t have his name on the cover. Welcome to the freedom-loving West which is constantly at war with lesser nations because they envy our freedoms.

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