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Biden’s Button is the Nuclear Option but he is playing with fire

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Mícheál Walsh

The Ukrainian city of Zaporizhzhia now occupied by Russia is famous for its being Europe’s largest energy-producing nuclear plant. Naturally, this resource is coveted by the west’s multinationals.

Unwilling to lose a bargain basement purchase, ‘Washington is calling on Russia to return full control of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant (NPP) to the Ukrainian authorities,’ White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre declared at a press briefing.

Words come easy: There is simply no way that Russia is going to surrender Zaporizhzhia or any other territory Moscow regards as liberated. The US counter strategy was to give the nod to Kyiv to shell the nuclear power plant. The shelling of the plant as occurred on August 5 and 7 threaten to unleash a nuclear catastrophe for continental Europe including western Russia.

The assumption is that in the event of a disaster media will blame Russia for the devastation. It isn’t clear how bombing what is now their own nuclear power plant could be attributed to Russia. The question is, will the nuclear pistol pointed at Putin’s head affect a change of ownership?

Russian Senator Alexei Pushkov days, “US President Biden could stop the shelling if he picked up the phone and called Ukrainian President Zelensky. “But Biden does not call, he plays with fire,” he wrote on his Telegram channel.

By shifting responsibility for the shelling of the Zaporizhzhia NPP to Russia, the Kyiv authorities, are trying to protect themselves from the calamitous consequences of their attacks. It isn’t clear why Russia would shell what is now its own nuclear facility.

The head of the National Defense Control Center of Russia, Mikhail Mizintsev warned that a Ukrainian attack on the nuclear facility would exceed the scale of incidents at nuclear power plants in Chornobyl and Fukushima.

Predicaments posed to Washington and Brussels by yet another unwinnable war are many. In effect, the entire Ukrainian front has collapsed – and this is the good news.

There won’t be a negotiation table: Russia’s top officials are adamant that the conflict will end on their terms. Ominously, Moscow adds that this will mean the removal of any threat to Russia from Ukraine’s space. Note the ambiguity in such statements from which it is concluded that the entire Ukrainian state poses a threat to Russia.

Russian strategy is to administer the coup de grace when the time is right. This will occur when Moscow believes NATO’s arsenals are sufficiently depleted – like now.

It is estimated that less than one-third of NATO weapons reach the Eastern Front. Much of the ‘lend lease’ weaponry is anyway past its sell-by date. Does it matter when 80 per cent of the Ukrainian armed forces are made up of shanghaied conscripts lacking the ability to even strip an air rifle?

Moscow believes that the final draining of EU and US-NATO caches will coincide with massive social unrest throughout the 27 member states of the European Union, ironically in response to their own sanctions-induced recession.

Brussels and the increasingly divided and dispirited EU regimes are already distracted by their own self-inflicted miseries. The nation-state of Ukraine – and whatever occurs there – is already a matter of indifference.

Everyone knows it; even the notoriously state-supporting mainstream media knows Ukraine – and the NATO West are beaten: ‘Sanctions are the most ill-conceived and counterproductive decision in recent international history. They made Vladimir’s position in the world stronger,’ says Simon Jenkins who is regarded by many as the doyen of British mainstream media.

Any talk of Russia’s Special Operation dragging on through fall and winter is pie in the sky. But there is plenty of that radiating from the Kyiv regime. The reducing tranches of US and EU cash promised to Kyiv are mere headline fodder. Zelensky bemoans the fact that much less than the sums proposed are received.

In summary, Russian success on the field of battle, the economic and diplomatic front is assured. How Washington and Brussels get themselves out of the mess they created is anyone’s guess. Washington has enough domestic problems of its own. As for the European Union, it will collapse just as did the Soviet Bloc in the 1980s. 



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