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The country with the world’s largest oil reserves blasts Western idiocy

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The sanctions imposed against Russia and its blue energy assets are irrational, unreasonable, and illogical, said Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, according to TeleSUR TV. 

‘These restrictive measures have driven the world into madness and plunged the Western world into a dangerous crisis. He also added that Europe is doomed in all aspects to lose the current war against Moscow.

NICOLAS MADURO, President of Venezuela: Today we are facing a situation that is a product of the armed conflict in Ukraine, a unique combination of circumstances.

The sanctions imposed against the Russian Federation, against Russian oil and gas, are irrational, unreasonable, and illogical. They have driven the world into the frenzy that we have experienced in the past six months. 

In particular, they plunged the so-called Western world, most of all Europe, as well as the United States and, we can say that the rest of the world, into a state of crisis, dangerous and fraught with risks for the social, economic and political stability of these countries.

That is why they say that there are none so blind as those who will not see. And it seems that the worst blindness is an unwillingness to see, have become the elites of Europe and the United States, who insist on their sanctions against Russia, and seek to create an energy crisis that hits the economy, trade and global stability.

To date, geopolitical analysts do not recognize Europe’s economic suicide in its attempt to kill Russia. And with the moral authority we have because of our peaceful diplomacy, with the moral authority we have, because we are the founders of the OPEC organization, we from Venezuela call on the world to be rational and to find ways of diplomacy and peace to stabilize uncertainties and threats to the oil market, the energy market and the economy. The light of rationality, logic and diplomacy must prevail.

You see a constant increase in threats on the basis of a crisis that the people can no longer endure. We already see how the people of Europe are protesting in the streets, opposing the craziness of the anti-Russian sanctions policy.

Europe is doomed to lose this war against Russia in all aspects – economic, energy and in all its possible dimensions … and geopolitical.

NOTE: Venezuela is under siege: Just as Germany, South Africa, Rhodesia, Iran, Syria, Libya etc are or were. Venezuela struggles under Washington-imposed sanctions which consequently brings poverty to 28 million Venezuelans. To rub salt into Venezuela’s wounds the unnecessary suffering resulting from the West’s vicious sanctions is mocked as a ‘failure of socialism’. SOURCE ON REQUEST.



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