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Undertakers can’t cope with the unexplained deaths but the media is paid not to see the Elephant in the Room

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Many will be the whispered homily: ‘Thank God I dodged the jab.’ Undertakers are run off their feet with abnormally high numbers of Australians dying – and it’s not Covid.  Melbourne undertaker Martin Masson sees an increase in 40-60 aged deaths Doctors claim to be unsure as to the reason that more are dying but are concerned it mirrors the UK.

A possible factor is that people have avoided going to the doctor for check-ups.

Mr Masson said he had been asked about increased death rates but had no real explanation other than Covid being ‘let rip’

Martin Masson, who is managing director of Tribute Funeral Services in the western Melbourne suburb of Ravenhall, said there is no shortage of work for him and others in the industry as official figures confirm Aussies are dying at a record rate in 2022.

‘We’ve been consistently busy now since the first of this year,’ Mr Masson told Daily Mail Australia. ‘We have certainly seen an increase in the need for our services as have a lot of other directors.’

Australians have been dying at a higher than normal rate this year, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics

Mr Masson believed more working-age Australians are dying but doesn’t have specific statistics to back this.  He wouldn’t. Funeral undertakers are not statisticians.

‘We certainly have seen a distinct shift back to people in their 60s, 50s and even late or mid-40s and even younger,’ he said. He noted there had also been more deaths from cancer, heart attacks and other diseases, which he put down to the way Australians live.

AMA President Professor Steve Robson said that more research is needed to show why more Australians are dying than expected

Run that past me again: they changed their lifestyle habits within the last year. What a coincidence that the shocking rise in ‘unexplained deaths’ corresponded with millions by order of the authorities having been jabbed.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) confirms Australians have been dying at a rate higher than normal this year. When mortality rates climb above historical averages, without being explicable by having an ageing population, they are termed ‘excess deaths’.  

The hangover of the Covid lockdowns and restrictions could be one reason why more Australians are dying in above average numbers

‘There has been excess mortality recorded in 2022 across all months, with both the number of deaths and the rate of death generally higher than historical averages,’ an ABS spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia.

‘In May, there were 16,124 deaths, which is 13.5 per cent higher than the average of deaths we would normally see occurring in May (14,202).’

Mr Masson (pictured right) said that Covid has been allowed to ‘let rip’ since politicians took over control from chief health officers

Peak doctors’ body the Australian Medical Association (AMA) told Daily Mail Australia it was ‘worrying’ that deaths are climbing and it reflected what is being seen overseas. 

‘We have seen the ABS statistics that mirror a worrying trend in other countries like the UK,’ AMA President Professor Steve Robson said. Britain has seen a 10 per cent increase above what would be the expected number of deaths since April. 

Australians have accepted a level of mortality from Covid with the nation likely to see surges in deaths every six months, Mr Masson said

‘Everybody was fighting for funeral services. The big rivals in the business were pulling their guns out and advertising on billboards, TV, radio, you name it. ‘We were going through tough times. We said ‘we need an epidemic and pandemic’ and unfortunately we got our wish.’

The politicians have become more active in managing health protocols rather than the chief medical officers around the countrySOURCE ON REQUEST.



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