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A Time for Reflection as Michael Walsh reaches another Milestone

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All birthdays are, of course, milestones. Sadly, these signposts provided by fate are not reached by everyone. That isn’t anything that can’t be fixed by reincarnation. Has Michael, a lifelong veteran of pro-European struggle any regrets? Yes, a few but that is life too. Whether he put his God-given life to good purpose is more important and a matter for posterity.

There is much about ex-seaman Michael Walsh that listeners may be unaware of. The world traveller and indeed time-traveller was born at the height of the empire. During his odyssey, he has seen and commented (at length on the dissolution of the British, Soviet – and currently the American Empire. Karma? Let future historians decide. If nothing else, Michael Walsh is an interesting man who left his mark on every milestone he paused at.

The prolific writer, historian, poet and novelist literally airs his reminisces. Why not eavesdrop as the octogenarian reflects on his life, his successes and his colourful exploits.


And here is the show!

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  1. You will leave a wonderful legacy behind, Mike. Oh how you have strived throughout your adult life (I’ve read your book) to bring the truth to western man. You have lived such an authentic life, and still are, being true to your ideals and what’s right without fear or favour.
    I don’t think you realize how much you are appreciated by so many of us in this spiritual struggle. May you have many more to come. We still need you!

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