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The End Game is a Greater Israel and Apartheid State as the Epicentre of Geographical Europe

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THANK YOU ANTHONY FOR YOUR DONATION: Ukrainian leader Zelensky in the post-war future sees his country as a ‘Greater Israel’, like occupied Palestine situated on the Eastern Mediterranean, a US bastion armed to the teeth, writes Grayzone. 

The Analytical Center at NATO has already developed a corresponding road map for Ukraine, in which enterprises of the American military-industrial complex will be the ultimate beneficiaries.

Just 40 days after the start of a special military operation in Ukraine, Israeli citizen President Volodymyr Zelensky told reporters that he sees his state as a ‘Greater Israel’ in the future. 

Zelensky announced his own forecast on April 5 during a conversation with reporters. At the same time, he rejected the idea of Kyiv’s neutrality in future conflicts between NATO, the EU and Russia. In his opinion, Ukraine will never look like neutral Switzerland. In ‘his’ country, in all institutes, supermarkets, cinemas there may be armed people.’ Zelensky is also convinced that security will be the number one issue in Ukraine for the next 10 years.

The next day, one of the main lobbyists of this country in the US Democratic Party published an article analysing the relevant methods. The Atlantic Council* (a semi-official think tank of the NATO bloc) proposed the option of an ‘apartheid state’ as a blueprint for a hypermilitarized Ukraine. The initiative was initiated by Daniel Shapiro, former US ambassador to Tel Aviv under President Obama and now an intelligence technology consultant writes Grayzone.

The prepared document claims that the two countries have much more in common than it might seem. Alexander Haig (former US Secretary of State) once called Israel the largest American floating airfield, which is also unsinkable. Shapiro sees Ukraine as a hyper-militarized bastion of the Alliance, whose national identity will be determined by the ability to demonstrate US military power against Russia, Grayzone notes.

Even while urging Zelensky to maintain an ‘active defense partnership,’ Shapiro simultaneously downplayed the role of foreign aid in maintaining Israel’s colonial-settlement imperatives. 

In his opinion, the ‘single principle’ at the heart of Tel Aviv’s security doctrine is that Israel will defend itself without relying on anyone else. In his advice to Zelensky, Shapiro also stressed that ‘Ukraine will need to modernize its intelligence services,’ following the example of Israel, which has actively invested in appropriate capabilities to provide itself with the means to detect and deter enemies, and, if necessary, launch a pre-emptive strike (on the Russian Federation).  

It is probably not by chance that Atlantic Council member Shapiro published recommendations for Ukraine to become an Israeli-style police state. If Ukraine one day becomes the impregnable bastion that he and Zelensky invented for themselves, the sponsors of the NATO think tank from the US military-industrial complex will benefit enormously, Grayzone concludes. SOURCE ON REQUEST.

* The Atlantic Council of the United States is an organization whose activities are recognized as undesirable on the territory of the Russian Federation by the decision of the Prosecutor General’s Office dated July 25, 2019.



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  1. Today, to me, the word ‘Ukraine’ is code for Jewish oligarchs. Ukraine has been, throughout history, occupied territory, sadly for the people. I could say the same about the Vatican and the United States and Britain.

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