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Non-Europeans account for a massively disproportionate number of serious crimes in Germany but it’s a secret you must keep to yourself

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THANKS TO DAVID (AUSTRALIA) FOR SPONSORING THIS STORY: Nothing to hide nothing to fear is the mantra all-seeing prying and controlling regimes tell their compliant downcast citizens. However, tyrannical regimes have much to hide and fear any leakage that suggests their juntas have betrayed their citizen.

Foreigners account for a massively disproportionate number of serious crimes in Germany, including murders, rapes, and assaults. Since 2011, Berlin police have been required to record whether a criminal suspect up to the age of 21 has a migrant background, even if he or she has a German passport. However, this important data point has been secretly abolished since Aug. 3, with this development only now coming to light.

There’s a good reason why Berlin’s left-wing regime may not want this information to be available to the public. In recent years, approximately three-quarters of all suspects under the age of 21 arrested for serious crimes such as murder, manslaughter, rape, sexual assault, and assault have a migrant background. Only a quarter of suspects in this age group actually have parents who hold German citizenship.

But keep this to yourself. Race Relations Acts of EU governments have never been about protecting minorities but shields to protect treacherous regimes focused on disastrous and failed policies such as immigration, sanctions, and disastrous economic failings,

As early as the end of July, the Senate Department of the Interior of Berlin’s red-red-green Senate, considered one of the most left-wing state governments in Germany, secretly decreed ‘that the registration of migrant background should be stopped as soon as possible.’

The police brass then informed all officers of this, according to German newspaper Berliner Zeitung. Police used to be able to indicate the migrant background of those arrested with a simple click of a mouse, but this checkbox was disabled on Aug. 3.

Berlin’s police have argued that recording the ancestry of criminal perpetrators was important to understand how these young people became involved in crime. In addition, Berlin has been plagued with migrant clan crime in recent years, including a number of high-profile murders.

In fact, the city’s prosecutor in 2020 said that migrant clans are a key factor behind the city’s high crime rate. The police were better able to monitor these groups and understand their structures with accurate data about the migrant background of suspects.

However, Berlin’s regime of an installed coalition of liberal globalists argued in a letter to the chief of police that abolishing this data was about ‘recognizing undesirable social developments such as poverty, unequal educational opportunities, and discrimination and taking preventive measures to counteract them.’

In Berlin alone, foreigners account for nearly half of all rapes despite making up only 19 per cent of the population. This type of data has tended to support the arguments of more conservative parties, such as Alternative for Germany (AfD), which often resorts to crime data when making the case that Germany should severely restrict immigration levels.

The Berlin police union (GdP) remains adamantly opposed to abolishing this data point, with spokesman Benjamin Jendro actually claiming that removing this data will only strengthen ‘right-wing extremists.’



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  1. What a tragedy. No wonder German families are flooding into Paraguay where I, a Rhodesian Australian, chose to live. In my little village alone I am told the arrival of 300 German peoples is ‘imminent’. Paraguay has a relatively large, respected German community, a very reasonable cost of living compared to the west, and people are left to do their own thing without western ‘rules & regulations’ conspiring to oppress them as happens in the West.
    Paraguayans are in general a respectful, helpful people who work hard and have been repressed by the usual suspects historically. No one speaks English here but quite a few paraguayans who live in pockets with German populations, can speak some German. Initially new Germans were retirees. Now younger generations are arriving.

    Germans are the most victimised group due to their innate abilities seen as such a threat to ‘the usual suspects’ including the Black Guelph European aristocracy, together with the money makers, who over 3,000 years have lied, plotted and manipulated nations to crush humanity.

    God bless the German people, the victim of lies and more lies, 6 trillion lies in fact.

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