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Ukrainian refugees deprived of assistance don’t see a future in many EU states and are leaving the country

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STORY MADE POSSIBLE BY DAVID’S (AUSTRALIA) DONATION: Tens of thousands of genuine European Christian refugees are fleeing from Ukraine to both Russia and the European Union and are forced by EU nations to return to their wartorn country despite the fact that their NATO-backed one-party state regime is still in a state of war with its democratic neighbour.

Interestingly, whilst those Ukrainians who fled to Russia are being well looked after and assimilated those who opted for the West with their children are sleeping on the streets.

Mícheál Walsh a veteran activist for White Rights is incandescent: ‘As far back as 1968, I said that I could avert Britain’s emerging migrant crisis simply by removing the benefit-laden red carpet.

‘I was declared a racist, a threat to race relations. I was handed down 6 x 4-month prison sentences for speaking out against the migrant invasion. Yet today, innocent Christian hard-working and talented European brothers and sisters are deprived of their refugee status by the imposition of the previously denounced Mícheál Walsh Solution.’

Thousands of Ukrainians – not Muslim or African refugees became disillusioned with Sweden and left the country, writes Nya Dagbladet. The reason for this was the alleged inability to assimilate into Swedish society and the difficulties that arose in finding a job without knowledge of the Swedish language. In fact, under labour laws and due to insurance requirements, it is difficult if not impossible to provide employees with insurance coverage if they are not conversant with their native language. Truly – and deliberately a Catch-22 situation. Ukrainian refugees are not entitled to language courses.

Natalia Volkova, 62, left Kyiv for Eskilstuna in March. She has two higher educations and is fluent in Russian, Ukrainian, Polish and Serbian, but these skills did not help her enter the Swedish labour market. 

‘I am ready to wash stairs and floors, but I can’t find such a job, because, without the Swedish language, no one needs me. Among us, refugees, there are many interesting people: artists, journalists, doctors and teachers who could benefit Sweden, ‘Nya Dagbladet quoted her as saying. Do non-European illegal migrants of alien religions and cultures make the same efforts to stand on their own sandalled feet?

According to Natalia Volkova, even when she first arrived in Sweden, she was determined to work to provide for herself. What Natalia didn’t know at the time, however, was those refugees arriving in Sweden under the Mass Migration Directive were not eligible to attend Swedish courses for immigrants. 

‘’I don’t know anyone who would find a job without knowing the language,’ said Natalya Volkova. On her own initiative, Natalia is studying Swedish in a circle, but she thinks that learning there is too slow. Ukrainians she knew who managed to find work in Sweden already spoke English.

She also said that many of her compatriots whom she met in Sweden have now begun to return home although Russia’s special operation in Ukraine has not yet ended. The rest instead move to Germany, Ireland or Canada in the hope that they will be offered better language training and job opportunities.  SOURCE ON REQUEST.



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