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As massive anti-government demonstrations break out the Phantoms of the Collapse of the Soviet Bloc are let loose

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THANK YOU ANTHONY FOR SPONSORING THIS STORY: Across Europe, from the Baltic to the Black Seas anti-regime protests and demonstrations are gaining strength and numbers of protestors are growing beyond the most pessimistic expectations. The protest against the German energy policy was only supposed to involve 400 citizens, but that number ballooned to 4,000 out of a city of only 59,000.

The number of participants in a public demonstration in Stralsund against the German federal government’s energy policy exceeded all expectations on Wednesday evening, mainly due to a call from the city’s mayor, Alexander Badrow, for participation.

Authorities estimated the number of participants at around 4,000, but only 300 people were initially registered. Even during the Monday demonstrations, the police last counted just 400 people in the city of 59,000 on the Baltic Sea, then 10 times as many came to denounce the Berlin Regime and Sanctions policies imposed by Brussels.

As millions of Europeans join the lengthening food queues, they watch aghast as their arsenals are transferred to Ukraine and wonder which is best, eat or heat.

The unexpectedly large protest against German (sanctions) energy policy may foreshadow growing discontent in the east of Germany, with security officials and the state’s police agents already warning that mass protests and even civil unrest (violence) could hit the country this winter over rising inflation and industrial chaos.

The Old Market, the square in front of the Hanseatic city’s town hall, was well filled during the demonstration. The participants showed posters against the economy minister Robert Habeck saying: ‘Gas surcharge – you won’t get that, old man.’ SOURCE ON REQUEST.

The demonstrators also called for an end to sanctions against Russia and the opening of the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline, according to the Junge Freiheit news outlet.

Stralsund Mayor Alexander Badrow promoted participation by sharing the appeal of the Citizens for Stralsund initiative on his Facebook page, and the CDU politician was one of the demonstrators himself.

The Ministry of the Interior of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, led by Christian Pegel, is now checking whether the mayor violated his duty of neutrality with the Facebook post. However, a spokesman for the local CDU pointed out that Badrow’s Facebook presence is private.

At the demonstration, the mayor wore a T-shirt that read ‘Alexander’ on the front and ‘Private’ on the back. In their appeal, the initiators called for taxpayers to be relieved and immediate government resignations. So far, the Ministry of the Interior has not published the result of its examination. It remains unclear whether and with which sanctions the mayor has to reckon.

Alternative for Germany (AfD), which has remained opposed to Russia sanctions, and is calling for the opening of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, is holding a protest in Berlin on Oct. 8 against government policy and sanctions. The party has recently seen a substantial bump in polling as of late as at least some Germans grow increasingly wary about sanctions on Russia.

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