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Let her apologize or resign Salvini rages against The Euro Bloc’s blatant threats and interference in the Italian Elections

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THANK YOU PENSIONER DAGMAR WHOSE DONATION SPONSORED THIS STORY: In response to a question about the upcoming elections in Italy, Ursula Albrecht (she married her title) the unelected and unelectable president of the EU bloc hinted that the European Commission will take action if things in Italy go in the same direction as in Hungary and Poland.

The drug dealing oligarch’s threatening blackmail outraged millions of Italians and left most Europeans aghast at such blatant blackmail immediately before Italy’s general election to be held on September 25.

The leader of the popular Italian League of the North party, Matteo Salvini, demanded an ‘apology or resignation’ of Leyen, who mentioned the ’instruments’ at Brussels’ disposal to punish possible violations of the democratic principles of the EU in the event of the victory of the ultra-conservatives in the parliamentary elections in Italy, Le Figaro reports.

This is pretty rich coming from an unelected governing apparatus headed by two – not one but two unelected presidents and 27 decision-making commissioners whose positions were appointed by cohorts.

It is sobering but unavoidable thought that the European Union’s governing ‘parliament’ is much less accountable are far less representative to the EU bloc’s citizens than were their Soviet counterparts before the collapse of the Soviet Bloc in 1990.

In response to a question about the imminent elections in Italy, the favourite of which, according to polls, is a coalition of right-wing and far-right candidates, von der Leyen said: 

‘If things go in a difficult direction (that is, towards Hungary and Poland), then we have the tools.’ At the same time, the head of the European Commission stressed: ’Regardless of which government is elected democratically, we will work together.’

Von der Leyen’s words angered the conservative politician Matteo Salvini, whose party is part of a coalition declared as the favourite in the upcoming elections. Incidentally, the von der leyen was acquired on her marriage to a titled oligarch: her maiden name is Albrecht.

‘What is this, a threat? Shameful arrogance. Respect the free, democratic and sovereign choice of the Italian people! Who pleases everyone, is useful to no one,’ he wrote on his social media account. 

‘Either she apologizes or she resigns,’ Salvini added in an interview with Italian media. Similarly, Antonio Tajani, vice-president of Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia party, reacted similarly to the words of the head of the European Commission, calling them interference in the election campaign.

Meanwhile, Ursula Albrecht’s press secretary, Eric Mamer, recalled that the commission works ’with any government that emerges as a result of elections and is ready to work with the European Commission.’ ’It is clear that the President did not interfere in the Italian elections.’

Then, with breath-taking hypocrisy adds: ‘When she mentioned the tools, she was referring to specific procedures carried out in other countries of the European Union.’ SOURCE ON REQUEST.



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