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The Sinister Programming of Future Children to become obedient robots


Children have been observing unusual things in the past 6 months, that none of us adults was accustomed to when growing up. This is dangerously programming them during the most vital years of their development and may have negative consequences that will last their entire lifetime.

Children between the age of 0-7 are the most impressionable. Their brain hasn’t yet reached full conscious function and operates at a lower frequency hypnagogic daydream state. In this state, the child scans their environment like a video camera, capturing and recording every small detail. This footage gets stored in the child’s subconscious, programming their beliefs, attitudes and behaviours for the rest of their lives.

Below I have listed some present-day observations from children that will subconsciously program them and how this is likely to manifest in their future.

~ Face coverings ~ Children are observing as humans wear masks that sometimes cover their entire face. The child is unable to see the full uniqueness of each human face which will program them to view people as nothing more than lifeless homogenous robots, devoid of spirit and humanity.

Children learn about human behaviour naturally, through intuitively observing facial expressions. Face coverings will not only impact a child’s discernment abilities later in life but will subconsciously programme them to be distrustful of their fellow humans.

~ Social Distance ~ Children observe as their fellow humans make diversions when passing each other, sometimes flinching at the mere brush of another human being and even crossing entire roads to avoid close contact. This is something a child is like to mimic both at present and in the future.

It is vital for a child to feel safe in close proximity to others, but ‘social distancing’ is programming the child to view other humans as enemies that are dangerous and need avoiding. This could manifest as social anxiety, an irrational fear around strangers and intimacy/commitment issues. In fact, this condition is already accelerating with predictable negative consequences.

Children are also observing the avoidance of direct physical contact between people. This may program the child to have an aversion to touch, even from their closest loved ones. A child learns to be tactile and intimate through witnessing this in others.

~ Strict Order ~ Children observe as their fellow humans follow one-way systems and queue in an unusually orderly fashion. This will program the child to conform to a strict order. This is already drilled into them at school, where they are made to adhere to authority, follow rules and conform to a strict curriculum that does not in any way foster their innate and unique creative potential.

A child thrives when they are able to have full freedom of expression and fluidity in their environment. This is why play is so important. A child that feels restricted and controlled growing up, will be unable to exercise their full creative expression.

~ Fear ~ A child is not born with fear, but this is something that is programmed into them from early life experience. Children are very sensitive to energy and can pick up on the emotions of others easily, particularly that of their parents. They can read body language intuitively and will sense something strange about the way humans have been conducting themselves recently.

A child needs to feel safe in their immediate environment. Children sensing fear in others will begin to build a worldview associated with danger. With all the fear-mongering, children may be unconsciously programmed with triggers that will incite spontaneous and irrational fear in the future. This can lead to a host of psychological problems.

~ Hypochondria ~ Children are not naturally fearful of germs. In fact, they don’t even know what germs are. Exposing themselves to certain bacteria and viruses is fundamental to building a healthy immune system. Children that are sheltered from the natural elements historically suffer from a lowered immunity.

Children that are witnessing their parents excessively wash their hands and rub endless sanitiser in between their fingers (or even worse, are made to do these things themselves) will possibly grow to develop OCD tendencies centred around cleanliness that will paradoxically increase their chances of getting ill.

~ Divisive language ~ Children are absorbing the use of language that is enforcing separation between people. Language is powerful. It is more than just words. Language is imbued with meaning that plays a crucial role in our programming and the shaping of our worldview.

It is important that children are exposed to positive and uplifting words. A child that repeatedly hears the words ‘social distancing’, ‘isolation’ and ‘quarantine’ will be subconsciously programmed by these words and their meanings and may see it manifested in their future behaviour.

Perhaps they will grow up avoiding close contact with others, isolating themselves in their bedroom and distancing themselves from social interactions. They won’t even know why they have such an aversion to human connection, which will perpetuate the social anxiety’ further.

Please share, especially with those who have children. This is important information for parents to know so that they can act accordingly and prevent/reverse any programming that the child may have acquired in recent months. Parents must educate themselves on child psychology so that they can avoid making fatal mistakes which will plague their children for the rest of their life. Ignorance is no excuse.

Children need to be given the best start in life. This involves exposing them to the correct environment and conditioning them in as healthy a way as possible.

It is more important than ever to show attention and affection to your children. Shower them with kisses and blanket them with hugs. Make them feel special. Make them feel loved. Allow them to feel and understand the importance of human-to-human contact. ~ Alexander Page.



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