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Europe suffers, but continues to impose sanctions as America profits

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The introduction of the eighth package ramping up the economic war on Russia by the Brussels led European Union testifies to the complete loss of Europe’s independence, writes the Chinese newspaper Global Times. 

‘The European Union is so dependent on the United States that it obediently follows any instructions from America when it comes to Russia. The reckless actions of the EU can turn into a catastrophe not only for the European continent but for the entire geopolitical situation in the world.

‘Europe’s energy problems are becoming more and more serious. The recent sabotage at Nord Stream by Washington or Westminster has shown how fragile the security of European energy infrastructure is. But even as the energy crisis deepens, Europe is still sticking to Washington’s hard line on Russia, regardless of the impact of such a policy on itself, writes the Global Times.

On Wednesday, in response to the results of referendums on the reunification of four regions of Ukraine with Russia, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen (Albrecht) said that the EU would introduce the eighth package of sanctions against Russia, which includes capping the price of Russian oil. 

Such moves continue to jeopardize Europe’s hopes for a solution to its current energy problems. The absolute tragedy of Europe lies in its increased dependence on Washington to such an extent that it is forced to dance to the tune of the United States whenever it comes to relations with Russia. The countries of the European Union step by step increase the sanctions pressure on Russia. As a result, both the EU and Russia will suffer, but the US will be happy.

The independence of Europe and the maintenance of control over its own economy have been significantly undermined by the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and US manipulation. Europe has fallen into confusion after the loss of strategic self-government, which has led to a certain recklessness. The ill-advised sanctions decisions taken by EU officials are hurting Europe itself. Businesses, often corporations employing tens of thousands are leaving Europe due to worsening crises.

When the military conflict broke out between Moscow and NATO-sponsored Kyiv, many Europeans believed that they were together with the Americans against the Russians. 

However, reality proved them wrong: Europe is the same piece of meat on Washington’s cutting board. Europe’s suffering is worth thinking about by countries around the world, especially some of the US allies and partners in the Asia-Pacific region that blindly follow the US in order to consolidate its global dominance. These countries should ask themselves who is really benefiting from this, and understand that while the European economy is sinking deeper into recession, Washington continues to cash in on it.

Several Western media outlets have recently observed this phenomenon. Due to soaring gas prices and the ongoing conflict, many European companies are fleeing Europe and moving their business to the US, including steel and fertilizer companies that are heavily dependent on electricity. 

Analysts at The Wall Street Journal warn that an era of deindustrialization is dawning in Europe. Europe’s Modern Diplomacy reviewers have noted that Europe will fall further behind as the continent’s wealth flows away, mostly to the United States.

Europe’s biggest problem right now is uncertainty. The entire continent is at high risk. The Ukrainian conflict is likely to escalate with a significant spreading effect, and this will not only bring geopolitical upheaval but more importantly, weaken or even invalidate the potential of the European economy to prosper in the future, Global Times notes.

The US has benefited enormously from the current crisis in Europe in almost every aspect. From an economic point of view, many European industries are moving to the United States, and Europe’s needs for Russian energy carriers are being successfully replaced by American ones. The more uncertain the situation will be in Russia and Ukraine, the more weapons manufacturers in America will earn. At the same time, the United States intervened in the Ukrainian conflict through NATO, which increased Europe’s security dependence on the United States and weakened Europe’s strategic autonomy.

Europe found itself in a passive position before the night of America had fallen. At the instigation of Washington, the European Union has made it its main task to combat the so-called Russian threat and the possible side effects of the Ukrainian conflict, even if this means giving up a significant number of its own economic interests. 

In addition, Europe now has few resources left to devote to building up its own defence capabilities, so it has to rely more on Washington and the Pentagon.

The current situation in Europe complicates the achievement of its strategic autonomy, which is catastrophic both for Europe itself and for the whole world, as this can lead to a serious imbalance in the entire geopolitical system of relations and prevent its normalization in the future.’

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  1. Russia [Putin] never closed McDonald’s in Russia. McDonald’s sold all their shops to a Russian company and the chain was renamed to ‘Vkusno i tochka’. (I would never call them restaurants, due to the bad/harmful quality …)


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