The Emerging Truth will set the World Free

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President Vladimir Putin is applauded as the redeemer of Russia. However, genuine historians are dismayed by Putin’s apparent endorsement of the holocaust narrative. This may be rooted in simple diplomacy as questioning the 6 million narratives is what Professor Faurisson described as ‘the poor man’s atom bomb.’ As far as I am aware there has so far been just one prosecution for holocaust denial ~ it failed.

To their credit, Putin and Russian Foreign Secretary, Sergei Lavrov, have expressed dismay at the ‘re-writing of history’. Of interest is Putin’s recognition that revisionist opinions that are at odds with the victors’ narrative are to be respected.

Conversely, in the West, historians and those who investigate holocaust fraud are denied a voice, howled down, threatened and imprisoned for publishing evidence of holocaust-related blackmail and embezzlement.

Vladimir Putin is today attacked as vociferously as Adolf Hitler. Yet, there is one issue in which Washington DC, Berlin and Moscow are in perfect harmony. Any departure from the WWII victor’s spin is to be ruthlessly suppressed. President Putin cuts to the chase when he says that emerging truths about National Socialism and World War II threaten the foundations of the Russian and United States World Order.

Imagine the consequences if in Russia and the Western World it was revealed that the holocaust was the biggest and most successful scam in history. Few dares go there. The proletariat has to believe theirs was a good war.

Undeniably, the Capitalists and Bolshevik ruled Russia responsible for the plunder of the Workers Reich have much to hide. This truth then and now was hidden from the masses.

It is this truth to which Britain’s warlord Winston Churchill referred when he made the following comment: “During the war, I realised the truth (Communist ~ Capitalist collaboration) is so precious, it ought never to appear without a bodyguard of lies. Stalin and his collaborators took great pleasure in the quip after it was translated. The official meeting thus ended in cheerful mode.”

If thanks to the less controlled internet the cause of 20th Century catastrophes becomes widely known the pillars upon which the World Order rests might well collapse.

This is what Russian President Vladimir Putin fears when he says, “The revision of history leads to the erosion of pillars of today’s world order, which were built after World War II.”

Under a National Socialist renaissance (under the guise of nationalism ((Russian)) for instance) sanctions will be lifted and friendship with Russia (and China) be the norm. Then perhaps Europeans will hold hands from Vladivostok, across the Bering Straits to the North Americas.

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