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Medvedev invites the West to beg for mercy in the lost economic battle

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Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev called for the country’s enemies to beg for mercy in the lost economic battle, and it would have to be completed with their unconditional surrender. He expressed this opinion in his Telegram.

According to the politician, the West’s political elite that is openly mocked by their citizens fully intends to go against Russia to the end and introduce every new senseless restriction against it, ridiculously hoping to undermine the Russian economy.

‘The scattering of fragments from such indiscriminate use of sanctions weapons throughout all countries of the world and innocent people,’‘ he said .

According to Medvedev, without normal international trade, chaos and poverty will be felt in different parts of the world. At the same time, it is useless to appeal to the farsightedness of ‘enemies in the West,’ he noted.

‘And you don’t need to. Enemies must be forced to beg for mercy in a lost economic battle. And complete it with their complete and unconditional surrender,’ the deputy chairman of the Security Council believes.

However, it is recalled that when the Soviet Bloc collapsed in 1990 the governments of the bloc’s Soviet fled leaving their destitute citizens to pick up the pieces. History presumes that the EU’s two unelected presidents, its 27 unelected commissioners and heads of government will soon flee to their boltholes in the Bahamas.  

On October 6, the EU countries  agreed on the eighth package  of sanctions against Russia, including a ceiling on oil prices. As the Express newspaper reported, the inhabitants of Austria called on the country’s chancellor, Karl Nehammer, to stop providing assistance to Ukraine, as well as to lift the sanctions imposed against Russia .

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that the European economy has  ‘shot itself in the lungs’  and is suffocating with the policy of sanctions. President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus says Brussels didn’t shoot itself in the foot, it shot its leg off.’

Journalist Daniel Flatley, in an article for Bloomberg, said that the numerous sanctions imposed by Western countries on Russia did not have a significant impact on the state of the Russian economy.

‘The result is sad. With its manic sanctions, the West has achieved only one thing, the rapid destruction of the entire architecture of world trade in the form in which it has developed at a record pace over the past half century, ‘he wrote in his Telegram channel .

Medvedev focused on the fact that for the United States, as ‘the main instigator of a hybrid war against Russia’, the consequences would be less catastrophic.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that Moscow’s response to the EU’s oil price ceiling will be a reorientation towards countries that are ready to cooperate with Russia.



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  1. Thank you for this video of Col.Richard Black regarding the destruction of the Nordsream pipe lines .The latest info is that there is still one pipeline that could be used ?? For Germany’s sake and the EU are they going to finally say goodbye to NATO ?


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