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Many thousands of pro-Russian demonstrators gathered in front of the Bundestag in Berlin on Saturday to protest against the policy of the German authorities, they demand the lifting of anti-Russian sanctions and access to cheap energy from Russia, an RIA Novosti correspondent reports.

The event was organized by the influential opposition right-wing party Alternative for Germany. The demonstration is held under the slogan ‘our country is above all.’

The slogan appears to be inspired by the traditional German national anthem, Deutschland, Deutschland uber alles or in English Germany, Germany over all. However, the anthem was written only on the sentiment that Germans should put Germans and German interests above the interests of others.

Many demonstrators came with German and Russian flags. The posters say ‘I want Russian gas and oil’, and ‘those who are silent today will freeze tomorrow.’ There are also calls for the resignation of the government. Some participants have Russian inscriptions on the posters, for example, ‘peace and friendship with Russia.’

Earlier, Alternative for Germany announced the start of a protest campaign in September this year, the participants of which will express their dissatisfaction with high energy prices and the Berlin pro-Washington regime’s anti-Russian stance.

Demonstrations will be held throughout the country on Mondays under the slogan ‘Hot autumn instead of cold feet – our country is above all.’ The protesters demand that the government end the economic war on Russia, cancel gas fees and stop anti-Russian sanctions. Among the demands of the demonstrators is to launch Nord Stream 2 .

As part of this campaign, the AfD organized a large nationwide rally in Berlin on Saturday, which the party announced earlier will bring together people from all over the country.

The West stepped up sanctions pressure on Russia over Ukraine, which led to higher prices for electricity, fuel and food in Europe and the United States. 

Putin has previously said that the policy of containing and weakening Russia is a long-term strategy for the West, and sanctions have dealt a severe blow to the entire global economy. According to him, the main goal of the West is to worsen the lives of millions of people. The Russian Federation has repeatedly stated that Russia will solve all the problems that the West creates for it.

Simultaneously, several thousand protestors in Vienna, and Austria supported the lifting of sanctions against Russia. As noted in the material, one of the speakers at the rally was former Vice-Chancellor of Austria Heinz-Christian Strache, who accused the United States and the CIA of unleashing a proxy war against Russia in Ukraine in 2014.

One and a half to two thousand people took part in the action, and they plan to continue marching through the centre of Vienna. On October 2, a rally against anti-Russian sanctions
was held in the city of Zwickau in Germany. The next day, October 3, a rally was held in Milan in support of Russia and the liberation of Donbass which was again attended by several thousand concerned citizens.



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