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NYC mayor declares state of emergency over the humanitarian crisis caused by migrants

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New York Mayor Eric Adams has declared a state of emergency due to the humanitarian crisis caused by the influx of migrants, according to ABC News. He, in particular, said that his city was on the brink of an abyss, trying to take care of asylum seekers, who have been brought here by buses from the border states since April.

More than 17,000 migrants have arrived since April. Buses arrive every day. Yesterday there were at least nine, today there are nine more, including this one. The city is now looking to build a tent city and is negotiating temporary housing for people with companies that own cruise ships. 

With a report by ABC News correspondent Stephanie Ramos: ‘The mayor of New York said this evening that the city is on the brink of a precipice, struggling to take care of migrant asylum seekers who have been bussed into the city from the border states since April. So far, over 17,000 people have arrived. At least 18 buses have arrived since Thursday.’

‘We need help, and right now.’ Adams has declared a state of emergency, asking for state and federal assistance as the city is expected to spend at least $1 billion this fiscal year to help migrants seeking shelter and other services. Right now, of the 61,000 people in the city’s shelters, one in five are migrant asylum seekers.

According to the mayor, they are building a reception center on Randall Island and are turning to hotels. In addition, they are reportedly negotiating accommodation for migrants with several cruise line companies.

‘While our compassion is limited… unlimited, our resources are not. It’s unbearable.’

Most buses are from Texas. Gov. Greg Abbott said he has begun sending them to New York and other so-called sanctuary cities to send the message that the Democrats’ immigration policy is creating a border crisis. Mayor Adams’ office reportedly received a sharp rebuff when it attempted to coordinate on buses with Abbott, who posted the following tweet today : until Biden does his job of securing the border.’We have Stephanie Ramos direct from New York this evening. Stephanie, after delivering migrants to New York, the mayor of this city also said today that they can start transporting some of these migrants to other cities, right?

Exactly, David. New York City officials said that a third of the migrants who arrive here want to go to other cities where they have relatives or friends. Mayor Adams said the city is working to make this initiative a reality. David.



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