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A Truth Smuggler’s Close Encounter with the sinister operatives of Occupied Germany

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No names no pack drill but an acquaintance volunteered to transport pro-National Socialist literature into Allied-Occupied Germany. My friend either had too much backbone or too little awareness of the penalties for such ‘crimes against the state’.

Far worse than the Soviet Union: Those who reject the propaganda of the victors of World War II often receive 10-year prison sentences without remission merely for being in possession of a single pro-National Socialist flier. Placing about 60lbs of printed fliers, stickers and A4 posters into a mule’s overnight bag or suitcase was out of the question.

Paul Otte was sentenced to 10 years in a German prison for being in possession of leaflets promoting National Socialism. Meanwhile, Communists were aided and subsidised by the occupied German regime.

During the mid-1970s border controls were still in place across Europe. On exiting Belgium, one had to get past the formidable German frontier police presence. All documents of incoming car drivers and passengers were carefully scrutinised. Any car or occupants that aroused suspicion was directed to a side bay. There, several officers would thoroughly search the driver, passengers and the car. Let’s call our mule Peter. 

Trying his best to look cool Peter pulls up at the frontier checkpoint in Germany. With the intention of showing his documents our mule attempts to lower the driver’s window. Fail! 

It was like the scene in the bus queue in The Great Escape movie. Earlier, Peter had removed the inside door panels and replaced them after secretly placing his hoard of flyers in each cavity. The problem, the windows would not lower because of the freedom literature stuffed inside. The unfortunate Peter found it impossible to lower the car’s window to present his documents. 

It seemed the game was up for Peter. Fortunately for our mule, the officer was not the brightest tool in the box. Presuming the fault was due to a malfunctioning window handle the frontier officer then took Peter’s documents through the now-open door of the car. Peter and his much-relieved passenger were waved through. It was Peter’s lucky day. Paul Otte, a likeable German who once distributed such fliers received a ten-year prison sentence.

Those gaoled by the West German regime then and today (over 500 incarcerated) counted themselves as the lucky ones as the less fortunate lost their lives. I regret having forgotten the names of two friends as it was a long time ago. Twice they visited me in Wales. The two Germans loved the British Movement, the organisation and its potential. The pair were impressed by our comparatively easy-going laws.

Our German visitors were amazed that we could publish and distribute positive comments about the Workers Reich. On the last visit, we enjoyed a splendid evening’s meal and companionship at a Tudor-style inn hidden in the mountains of Wales. The name of the hostelry was The Plough, which our German friends pronounced Der Pluff.

Sadly, we heard later that one of our friends was a passenger in a car when it was stopped late at night by plain-clothed German police operatives. Apparently, the driver and its passengers were on their way to or from a clandestine meeting.

Ordered to step out, the car’s youthful occupants were instructed to lie face down on the road. It was a cold-blooded execution under the pretext of being ‘shot while trying to escape’ and no questions being asked one of our friends was shot dead by the police where he lay face down in the road. RIP, my dear comrade.

This young German was ordered by German police to get out of the car he was a passenger in. Told to lay face-down on the road he was shot in the back ~ ‘whilst trying to escape.’

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