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Putin wants to give Ukraine the same buffer state independence as proposed by the Reich in 1941

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Genius is doubly gratifying when months if not years after making such my suggestion it is offered as a solution to the Ukrainian conflict by the world’s most influential and popular head of state. It is doubly gratifying because Russian President Vladimir Putin now offers a carbon copy of what the twice-elected German Chancellor Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) offered Ukraine in 1941: independence guaranteed by the German Reich to act as a buffer state between Bolshevik Occupied Russia and Europe.

Stating that the matter of who would guarantee Ukraine’s territorial integrity would ultimately be up to the Ukrainian politicians themselves, Vladimir Putin expressed his doubts about the ability of the current Washington-approved regime in Kyiv to deal with this matter.

Russia is the only entity that could become a future guarantor of Ukraine’s territorial integrity,’ Russian President Vladimir Putin said during an annual meeting with the members of Russia’s Human Rights Council.

In essence, this would mean Ukraine declaring itself a neutral state with Russia guaranteeing the independent integrity of Ukraine. A similar agreement exists with peaceful and prosperous Belarus, a neighbour of Ukraine. The NATO regimes, of course, are horrified by such a historic move as basically their economies are based on war: no wars and the NATO regimes are bankrupt.

The Russian head of state also lamented that this matter would be up to the next crop of Ukrainian politicians as the current leadership in Kyiv apparently does not comprehend the matter at hand.

PEACE IN EUROPE: ‘The only real guarantor of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity in its current borders could be Russia,’ Putin said. ‘But that would be up to the Ukrainian politicians themselves, future politicians, of course.’

He added that currently, Ukrainian politicians apparently do not comprehend the issue in question or even do not try to, though some of them seem to be starting to ponder on it.

President Vladimir Putin also pointed out how in 2014, shortly before the Washington-backed coup in Ukraine, the Polish, French and German foreign ministers signed an agreement between the Ukrainian government and the Ukrainian opposition at the time.

‘Yet, despite the fact that these foreign ministers signed the document as guarantors of the peaceful resolution of a rather volatile situation that formed in Ukraine, they quickly forgot about that role of theirs after the coup had taken place, and did nothing to try to resolve the ensuing crisis peacefully, the Russian president remarked. When I remind my colleagues about all this, during phone conversations as well, they remain silent,’ Putin said.

The military operation Russia launched in Ukraine in February took place only because Moscow was left with no other option to resolve the crisis in Donbass which had by that time cost the lives of 14,000 civilians killed by the Ukrainian armies, he added, noting how the ensuing situation was used to fan the anti-Russian sentiment in the world.

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