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Are we today really any different from Fettered African Slaves

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Mike Walsh

During my travels much of my time was spent in Africa; not any one African country but in about half of the Dark Continent’s 54 nations. I got on with Africans as I got on with the people of the rest of the world. My experiences led me to realise that differences that separate the races are diminishing.

We are familiar with columns of fettered natives being led to a life of slavery by their captors whilst denied freedom of expression and the right to act independently. Recognise anyone?

Occasionally we Whites are permitted to shuffle to the polling booth and elect one of two slave owners. We are at birth claimed by the state, educated enough to work but not to think. Controlled from womb to tomb our owners decide on our social caste, what we say and do, who we learn from, our education, our employment, and whether we qualify for healthcare.

We comfort ourselves with the thought that slavery saved the Africans from tribal warfare. However, slavery doesn’t save tens of millions of Europeans from tribal warfare.

Despite inter-tribal rivalry, there are more Africans today than at any time in history. On the other hand, during the last century alone, the ‘superior’ Europeans have seen their numbers reduced by half. They commit racial suicide willingly and in ways of a thousand cuts. Principally, by tribal warfare ~ decimating our own kind. Mock an African for tribal warfare and consider how you will reply when he says ‘Dresden’ and hundreds of other European cities incinerated by White Niggers.

During my time in Africa, I either met or knew many Africans whom I had good reason to respect far more than I do most White men and women making up the Western elite. Frankly, I would be wary to say to any African that the average European is much different from the tribal African. It occurs to me that ‘inferior’ Africans in Africa aren’t too keen on relating outside their racial blood, embracing nation-killing homosexuality, queuing at abortion clinics or visiting family planning clinics: maybe Blacks aren’t so stupid after all? As Rudolf Hess surmised, ‘in the end, all will be forgiven except treachery to one’s race.’

In Europe today our owners set about denying us the means to travel out of our gated kraals. From 2023, citizens of Oxford in England will be corralled in their immediate communities and the confinements as in the Gulags are spreading to other cities including yours. There will be hardly a word of protest ~ a whimper ~ maybe.

Obedient as shackled slaves, today’s plastic Europeans endure restrictions, lockdowns, ‘lethal vaccinations’, pay taxes, suffer re-education, and are denied even to visit their dying parents. A woman is arrested for silently praying for the souls of unborn children. Indeed, Russia is seemingly in a Holy War against the Satanic self-destructive West.

We know there is an official program for de-population. It isn’t denied ~ it is openly promoted. Yet many Whites actively embrace the program. Yes, European turkeys actually do vote for Christmas. Tell me again about the poor dumb and inferior to Whites African slaves.

I recall that an aide when accompanying Adolf Hitler on the campaign trail chastised the social reformer: ‘Look at the German people,’ the supporter waved his hand with contempt. ‘Are they worth fighting for?’

The leader of the National Socialist Party replied simply: ‘I don’t fight for what they are. I fight for what they could be.’

Back then, people believed in the war hero Fuhrer as they believed in Benito Mussolini, General Francisco Franco and a score of other European nationalist freedom fighters.

Back then the slaves of Capitalism and Communism were willing to sacrifice their little and their all to be what a free people could be. For 23 years the Italians were free, for almost 40 years the Spanish were led by a national patriotic leader, and for 13 years the German people were free; content, prosperous and at peace. Sadly, theirs was a race apart.  

The first Europeans appeared about 48,000 years ago. It is a sobering thought that today our current generation of Europeans worldwide are doomed to extinction ~ by treachery, the enemy within, and their own weakness. As a Chinese kitchen worker observed: ‘You Europeans only had one leader and you destroyed him.’Mike Walsh. 

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