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Opposition threatens Berlin to turn off money tap due to New Year’s riots

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Michael Walsh: ‘There are three professions that a job application is dominated by one central requirement: a complete lack of integrity. These professions are politician, journalist and police.

‘Wherever there is an absence of integrity there is a complete lack of reason. As a consequence, the political elite, the Press corps and the collaborating unscrupulous and unprincipled state police are notorious for failure and a lack of accountability.’

‘The German state police are more Teflon coated than most protected species. It says much that when the Soviet-installed East German regime collapsed the notorious STASI were seamlessly deployed to the West German illegal regime.

These state thugs are charged with setting up fake organisations both left and right to lure, ensnare, charge and imprison anyone who dares to challenge the omnipotent Berlin regime. However, when it comes to dealing with the type of crime and criminals that hurts ordinary people the Police dubbed ‘badge niggers’ are extraordinarily inept.’

The German opposition party Christian Social Union has proposed punishing Berlin for failing to ensure order in the capital on New Year’s Eve, reports Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten. 

Its leaders believe that attacks by non-European migrants on law enforcement officers and firefighters indicate a lack of political will and desire on the part of local authorities to uphold the rule of law. And for this, they need to turn off the money tap.

After the riots on New Year’s Eve in Berlin, the German opposition party Christian Social Union filed serious accusations against the capital’s authorities for failing to ensure law and order, reports Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten. They do not have the political will and desire for this said the head of the CSU faction in the Bundestag, Alexander Dobrindt, and offered to turn off the money tap for Berlin as punishment.

“We know that in Europe all countries must ensure that the norms of the rule of law are observed. If this does not happen to the extent that the community requires, financial sanctions can be taken, explained Dorbrindt. “And what works in Europe can, of course, work in Germany.” As a possible lever of monetary pressure, he suggested using the mechanism of budgetary redistribution between the lands.

Instead of talking about integration, social work and a ban on pyrotechnics, we need to talk about ensuring law and order, Dorbrindt emphasized. It is about punishments and their implementation. ” Criminals who used excessive violence ” must be punished in the most severe way.

There are plenty of examples that the Berlin Senate is not doing its job, said CSU leader Markus Söder. It can’t go on like this, he insists. The state and the police have to retreat, which only inspires the hooligans. Law enforcement officers lack political support, money and equipment. “The Senate in Berlin could not even organize elections – how can it seriously ensure the safety of citizens?” Söder added.

On New Year’s Eve in several German cities, police and firefighters were attacked with pyrotechnics, the newspaper recalls. They were hit hardest by migrant attacks in Berlin. Violators erected barricades, in some cases lured employees into ambushes. Even experienced firefighters report a qualitatively new level of aggressiveness and violence. In total, 15 rescuers, including volunteers, were injured on New Year’s Eve.

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  1. Most have given up hoping for a bright future, we just hope for any future. We have gone trough many govt. systems in our life time: Monarchy, Democracy, Dictatorship, Communism. Our leaders appear clueless, same as we are. We shall survive, as our ancestors have …..even war and anarchy. In God we trust!

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  2. [image: DDD-Auslaufmodell[2].jpg] “As soon as the police recognize that they are part of the exploit they turn around at 180°, the party on the bill of the 99% is over. As soon as police recognize that the 99% is on their side – thy will turn around!” Very best wishes from Hans J. Weber

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