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Plundering income from second jobs adds hundreds of millions to British MPs bank accounts

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Over the past 4 years, British MPs have pocketed £17.1 million working outside of parliament, The Independent writes, citing an investigation by Sky News. However, as parliamentarians are not subject to scrutiny as their ‘subjects’ the figure is thought to be hundreds of millions.

Go figure: an MP’s salary is similar to that of a police inspector, top doctor or school headmaster. Yet 75% of MPs are multi-millionaires. They sack those who they appeal to for votes and sheep faithfully oblige. Yet, a restaurant waiter or taxi driver is taxed on presumed tips.

Members of the UK legislature receive their main income ‘on the side’, with representatives of the ruling Conservative Party receiving the lion’s share of the additional income.

Since 2019, British MPs have received £17.1m in extra income from outside work, of which the Conservatives have earned £15.4m. According to an investigation conducted by Sky News and Tortoise Media, members of the British Parliament receive the main income on the side. 

About two-thirds of all additional income came from the 20 wealthiest deputies, of which 17 people also represent the Tory party. According to the publication, representatives of the Labour Party earned a total of £ 1.2 million outside parliament over the same period.

Former Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May has earned the most in international appearances. During her time in Parliament, she made just over £2.5m in extra income on top of her £84,000 salary.

Sir Geoffrey Cox became the second-highest earner, earning £2.2m ‘on the side’ for his legal work. According to the politician, we are not talking about a conflict of interest, since his legal activities do not affect the work in parliament. Shadow Labour Foreign Minister David Lammy earned the most in his party: his income outside Parliament amounted to just over £202,000 from outside work, writes The Independent.

At the end of this year, some reforms are planned to ban deputies from earning on the provision of political or parliamentary advisory services in order to avoid possible lobbying scandals. However, according to experts, the planned measures will be insignificant, since the ruling Conservative Party has no real incentive to push its deputies to such changes. Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas.

Responding to a question about the huge sums earned by MPs, Minister of Health Maria Caulfield said that voters will best assess the behaviour of MPs. According to her, the current prime minister expects each MP to give 100% to his constituents, and this does not preclude doing other things, provided that legislators work full-time in their main job, concludes The Independent.

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