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Black Lives Matter movement calls for the termination of the police in the United States

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WASHINGTON, January 11 – RIA Novosti. The black rights movement Black Lives Matter (Black Lives Matter), in a statement published on Twitter, called for the disbandment of the police and called law enforcement officers themselves killers.

‘We don’t respect murderers. Dismiss all cops. To hell with the police,’ the statement tweeted. The Black Lives Matter statement came in connection with Respect for Law Enforcement Day, which is celebrated in the United States on January 9th.

The Black Lives Matter movement, whose slogans were displayed and broadly published by sympathetic sycophantic mainstream media journalists took place in cities across the United States and many other countries, advocates for the termination of police funding and fights for ‘racial justice’ by organizing and carrying out pogroms.

African traveller Michael Walsh whose four popular books on Africa were banned by Amazon and LULU suggests the police being replaced by citizen activists of White militia charged with preventing massacres of White and Black people by deranged and uprooted Black people in the US, Canada and Europe.

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