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British police spend tens of thousands of taxpayers’ money on LGBT paraphernalia amid crime boom

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Maybe the Black Lives Matter movement has a point in calling for the disbanding of state police who are commonly referred to as ‘badge niggers.’

In three years, 27 police departments in England and Wales have spent more than £66,000 on rainbow-themed merchandise to support the LGBT community, reports The Daily Telegraph. This led the British public to question the priorities of the police, given the record-low crime detection rate in the UK.

UK police have spent more than £66,000 on rainbow-themed merchandise, including flags, whistles, laces and lip balms, to support the LGBT community, reports The Daily Telegraph.

Figures released yesterday under the Freedom of Information Act show that between 2019 and 2022, 27 police departments spend money on all sorts of nonsense. 

The biggest spender was South Wales Police, who spent £24,000 on rainbow flags, face paint, t-shirts, badges, pens, whistles, wristbands, key chains and water bottles. Kent police spent £8,000 on rainbow whistles, key chains, wristbands, paper stickers, pens, pencils, erasers, coasters and covers.

The top three were also rejected by the Essex Police, who spent £7,700 on rainbow paraphernalia. Lancashire Police purchased £1,500 worth of lip balms, flags, key rings, lanyards and stickers with rainbow colours. Avon and Somerset law enforcement bought portable fans with LGBT merchandise, spending £4,900 to support the community.

The Taxpayer Alliance investigation also found that hundreds of pounds were spent painting police cars rainbow colours. Expenses like this have left the British public questioning the priorities of the police, given that UK crime detection rates are now at an all-time low and crime rates are at historic highs.

Only 5.4% of all crimes resulted in charges being made in the year to June last year, according to the Interior Ministry, a third less than seven years ago. At the same time, the total number of crimes amounted to 6.5 million, that is, it increased by 7% since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

‘Only one in 20 crimes result in an arrest or charge: if the police were paid by results they would look like victims of Stalin’s Gulag. The banned author was referring to images shown in his book Trotsky’s White Negroes in which was published skeletal figures in Soviet camps censored by mainstream media.

‘The police leadership was caught red-(and pink) handed when they spent money on all sorts of nonsense. Against the backdrop of rising crime, the British will find little comfort in the fact that the police are dressed up in rainbow paraphernalia, ‘said Tom Ryan, a spokesman for the Taxpayers Alliance. According to him, the police should ‘stop this senseless spending and direct funds’ to fight crime.

Earlier, a separate investigation showed that over the past five years, British fire brigades have spent £17,000 decorating fire engines and £35,000 on rainbow paraphernalia, writes The Daily Telegraph.

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