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There are many special kinds of women

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There are some extraordinary women. The extraordinary is to be discovered on the inside of women. They are the women who feel, those who think deeply and passionately. Their inner world is so vast, it seems that this scope has no bottom. Their speech is beautiful as if reading a wonderful book, listening to Chopin, looking at Botticelli’s paintings… – filling up their hearts and intellect.

Not a gram of vulgarity, fake. How amazing and rich their attitude and perception of the world are. Thoughts that are out of the ordinary. Such an amazing soul. Behaviour. the principles. Manners. A world view: There is graceful femininity in their silence and calmness. There is grace and beauty in their tenderness and sensuality.

They reveal themselves gradually, not for everyone, like a flower, in actions, words and attitude. They don’t need to shout at every corner how smart, talented, and unique they are. Such women never prove how successful they are, respect themselves and don’t repeat their requests twice.

They do not have the need to be liked by everyone, to loudly declare themselves. They are like wild roses hidden in the depths of the garden, whose fragrance spreads silently, evoking an insurmountable desire to touch this divine tenderness, and beauty. But the sharp thorns keep strangers from reaching out a hand, making you respect the refinement of the enchanting alluring flower.

The real ones. Without a gram of pretence. With a complex personality. And with a simple soul. With the idea of warming up everything frozen, to save every lost soul, they master the art of healing the wounds of others, even if they themselves have no living space left inside.

The hearts of such women are works of art, for it fits the whole world. These are amazing empaths. Communicating with people, immersing themselves in their emotions, and feelings, sometimes painfully thickening the colours, sometimes a little bit of a pencil, making barely elusive sketches that only they understand, but most often draw with watercolour. Light, gentle, careful and delicate… barely touching …

The other they aren’t like everyone else. They wounded themselves and treat others carefully. You can literally feel the skin… they know how to take on someone else’s pain, and responsibility for someone else’s suffering.

A special view on everything, and the manner is calm and discreet. Education. Sincere in all things, ambiguous. Self-dignified, strong and proud. The brave. Infinitely alive… Capable of both burning passion and quiet tenderness.

They like it quiet. Knowing how to become herself is the rarest gift in women. They are so fragile. They are so strong. A special kind of woman. The extraordinary on the inside. ~ Leah Russ’

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  1. Not my experience with dozens of European women over 20 years. Like most men attest, most all women are narcissistic, opportunistic, unfaithful, petty, disloyal to family, nation and race. The original religions all understood this. All philosophers taught this. It’s unfortunate that the “conservative” nationalist right is jumping the bandwagon on modern ultra feminist female worship. No doubt there are a few rare treasures of women out there, but pretending this is a noble sex is downright fraud.


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