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Michael Walsh

Would anyone be inspired to write books, compose music, or paint pictures if there was no one to enjoy them? Yes, I think they would. It is my belief that each of us is given a gift although many go through life without discovering their unknown ability; which is a great pity.

The talent to create something from nothing is a fountain of inspiration that simply cannot be turned off. It is a compulsion and with or without an audience, or hope of profit, we turn our abilities into realities.

Many people don’t believe in magic. Yet, I gaze at a blank sheet of paper. And then, by using my pen I turn it into something that enriches others more than a banknote can, I think of that as magic.

My taste is poetry, admittedly the poor man of the arts. Most people will agree that they didn’t abandon good music, art or poetry, these adornments abandoned them. I do think that verse, like music and pictures, has been debased by changes in fashion.

Following inspiration rather than fashion my pen scratches beyond the midnight hour. Did I become rich as a consequence?  Yes, I did actually; I became so rich that the materially wealthy envied me and others like me.

My poem brought a wealth of sorts to those for whom coinage has no value. It brought me wealth that money cannot buy.



I penned a poem and she appeared,

From where I cannot tell,

I think it was a passing thought,

Or likely magic spell,

The poem like Genie’s lamp it was,

I liked it so approved,

So, I must keep on writing poems,

Each time my soul is moved.


I penned a heartfelt soliloquy,

A sonnet short and sweet,

And in my poem, I asked the Lord,

That I might one day meet,

A sylph a soul as once before,

A maid of grape and wine,

Then I set my eyes on her,

Her heart is now my shrine.


Michael Walsh Poetry

My First Russian Orthodox Church Experience

January 6 2023


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