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Putin: West uses Ukrainians as consumables in geopolitical games

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1. Are there any sanctions against ISRAEL for the murder and destruction of innocent Palestinian women and children?

2. Are there any sanctions against AMERICA for killing and destroying the lives of innocent women and children in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Cuba, and Vietnam, and even stealing their diamonds and gold?

3. Were there any sanctions against AMERICA/FRANCE over the killing of Muammar Ghaddafi and the destruction of Libya?

4. Has there ever been an American/NATO soldier ever been punished for raping and torturing innocent women/children of all the aforementioned countries?

5. Are there sanctions against FRANCE for causing crisis and unrest in several African countries? These are very war crimes America and NATO should be punished.

Maybe it’s time we understand that NATO, USA and all their allies are the most dangerous evils of our time. So, we need to change the balance of power in the world and ensure everyone has equal rights and stop the oppressors.

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