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Britain’s De Facto Declaration of War on Russia – The Cost to Taxpayers

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Britain’s Westminster regime ~ deeply unpopular and unelected by the British electorate is immersed up to John Bull’s hat in strikes. Prime Minister ethnic-Indian Rishi Sunak ~ appointed by a Tory cabal, claims that Britain mired in debt cannot afford to run its transport system, hospitals and health centres, civil service, and postal service.

The food banks are desperately trying to cope as millions of elderly pensioners make the choice, eat or heat: either way they die of hunger-related disease or hypothermia.

Border control… it appears from the record number of illegal migrants overrunning England’s beaches there simply isn’t any way that Westminster can prevent migrants from overrunning and controlling Britain.

Michael Walsh, international journalist: ‘Seriously, I have never in my life known a people more deserving of being held in chains and led by crooks… not even primitive tribes – so deserving of slavery as today’s Britons. As my dear grandmother used to say: ‘let people use you as a doormat and they will wipe their feet on you.’ 

But Ukraine, the central European dictatorship known to barely survive on Washington’s military and financial aid is another matter. This is where Westminster’s real interests lie.

Military Aid: The Westminster regime has trained 22,000 Ukrainian troops since 2015 as part of Operation Orbital. This operation was suspended following the full-scale Russian invasion; a new British-led multinational operation commenced on 9 July 2022 as part of Operation Interflex.

Sale of two Sandown-class minehunters. £1.7 billion sterling agreement to support the acquisition of eight missile craft and one frigate. Deployment of RC-135W Rivet Joint surveillance aircraft to provide information on the size and position of Russian forces. ISTAR (intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance) support, both standalone and in partnership with the United States.

Delivered thousands of NLAW anti-armour weapons and Javelin anti-tank missiles.[456] The total amount was stated to be over 6,500 as of 3 June 2022.

£25 million in financial backing for the Ukrainian military. Unspecified further military aid, on 28 February 2022. An unspecified number of Javelin anti-tank missiles, on 10 March 2022.

The UK announced a further 6,000 defensive missiles will be sent to Ukraine, on 24 March 2022. Starstreak man-portable air-defence systems.

The UK announced the supply of an unspecified amount of ‘armoured vehicles and long-range artillery’ to Ukraine, on 31 March 2022, on 9 April a figure of 120 armoured vehicles was given along with an unspecified number of anti-ship missiles. A 14 April interview gave the following partial breakdown:

40 CVR(T) derived vehicles including the Stormer HVM SHORAD, FV104 Samaritan armoured ambulance, FV106 Samson armoured recovery vehicle & FV107 Scimitar Tracked Recon Vehicle. 35 FV103 Spartan APCs.

80 protected mobility vehicles including Mastiff protected patrol vehicles, Wolfhound heavy tactical support vehicles and Husky light tactical support vehicles.

British Army donates 84,000 helmets to Ukraine. The UK announced an additional £100 million in military aid, on 8 April. This includes further Starstreak missiles, 800 NLAW, Javelin anti-tank missiles and precision loitering munitions. Further military helmets, night vision equipment and body armour will be provided on top of 200,000 pieces of non-lethal military equipment supplied so far.

The UK announced further unspecified amounts of lethal military aid to Ukraine on 23 April. ‘The Prime Minister confirmed that the UK is providing more defensive military aid, including protected mobility vehicles, drones and anti-tank weapons.’ The UK announced a further £300 million in military aid to Ukraine. Boris Johnson made this announcement in a video link address to the Rada, on 3 May.

Electronic warfare equipment. Counter battery radar. GPS Jammers. Thousands of Night Vision devices. 13 bulletproof Babcock Toyota Landcruiser for civilian officials such as mayors and evacuation operations.

Heavy lift cargo drones. The UK has been supplying an unspecified number of British-made Brimstone missiles to Ukraine.

The UK announced a further £1 billion in military support to Ukraine. The total sum was £1.3 billion (US$1.6 billion), however, this included the £300 million that was pledged on 3 May.

30 March, the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office provided £20 million to the Ukrainian Armed Forces for salaries through a deposit in the National Bank of Ukraine, followed by a further £5 million on 18 May. On 6 June, the United Kingdom confirmed it would provide an unspecified number of M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System along with M31A1 ammunition and provide training to the Ukrainian operators in the UK.

16 June, confirmed 20 used M109 howitzer ad been bought from a Belgian arms dealer, refurbished and partially delivered to Ukraine. 17 June, the UK offered to set up and administer a program to provide three weeks of general infantry, first aid, cyber security, and counter-explosive tactics training to 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers every four months hosted by a neighbouring country. This would better equip Ukraine to replace battlefield casualties.

27 June, from this week, 200 Ukrainian soldiers are set to arrive in the UK every day to receive training from the UK’s Armed Forces, the Chief of the Defence Staff said.

28 June, during the NATO summit in Madrid the UK committed to providing Ukraine with a further £1 billion of military support towards the acquisition of sophisticated Air Defence Systems, Electronic Warfare Equipment, Drones and Ammunition for Long Range Rocket Artillery.

29 June, The UK facilitated the transfer of 3 Norwegian MLRS systems. The Norwegian systems will need upgrading, so the UK will receive an upgrade the Norwegian MLRS pieces, to backfill upgraded British pieces already being sent to Ukraine.

30 June, The UK revealed it had been training hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers on British Artillery Systems on Salisbury Plain (UK). The UK also stated it had purchased 50 L119 Howitzers from a British company and will be deploying these weapons to Ukraine imminently. The New Zealand Army has deployed personnel who are training Ukrainian soldiers on L119 artillery pieces in the UK.

On the 21 July British Secretary of Defence, Ben Wallace, announced the UK will send 50,000 artillery shells, counter-battery radar systems and hundreds of drones and ‘scores’ of artillery guns over the coming weeks along with 1,600 anti-tank weapons.

20 M109 155mm self-propelled guns; 36 L119 105mm artillery guns; and 50,000 of rounds for Ukraine’s Soviet-era artillery. 11 August The UK confirmed it was delivering an additional three M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System and M31A1 rockets, the previous day Ukraine had announced that the equipment had been received. 24 August UK announced a £54m package including 850 Black Hornet Nano drones, 200 surveillance drones and ~1000 anti-tank loitering munitions.

27 August the British MoD announced it would provide six mine-hunting UUVs to Ukraine along with training Ukrainian naval personnel in their use.

Financial Aid: 23 February, pledged £3.5 billion in British export financing,

Underwrote $500 million in MLDB borrowing and provided a £100 million loan via the World Bank for economic development.

23 March – UK donated $100 million directly to the Ukrainian government budget to mitigate financial pressures created by Russia’s unprovoked and illegal invasion. 9 April – UK increased its World Bank loan guarantees to £730 million (US$1 billion).

25 April – UK announced it was cutting tariffs and quotas on all trade with Ukraine to zero. 4 July – During the Ukraine Recovery Conference in Lugano, Switzerland the UK committed to financial grants through the World Bank of £99 million and to underwriting £429m ($525m) in a third tranche of World Bank lending.

19 August the UK committed £1.5m for the testing of grain sold by Russia to identify if it had come from Ukraine, and a package of rail support for grain exports.

Humanitarian Aid: £100 million of humanitarian aid was announced on 23 February 2022. £40 million in additional humanitarian aid was announced on 27 February 2022. Additional £80 million in aid to help Ukraine deal with the humanitarian crisis on 1 March 2022. £4 million in humanitarian aid to Ukraine on 28 February 2022.

£4 million combined package of financial and humanitarian aid, announced on 1 March 2022. UK announced ‘supplies of rations, medical equipment and other non-lethal military aid will also be increased’ on 10 March 2022.

On 14 March 2022, the British government announced plans to provide vital energy support to Ukraine through the Ukraine Electricity Network Support Taskforce. The UK donated more than 500 mobile generators.

£2 million in vital food supplies for areas of Ukraine encircled by Russian forces.The UK announced the donation of a fleet of ambulances to Ukraine, on 6 April 2022. If you are British and your child, wife, husband or father are taken ill, take them to the hospital corridor in your family car.

The UK announced the amount it had donated through multilateral donor conferences for humanitarian aid totalled £394m so far on 9 April. 25 April UK donated a further 22 ambulances on top of 20 ambulances and 40 fire engines already donated and giving £300k of medical training in treating mass casualty victims and £300k in medicines and supplies.

On 3 May, the UK announced it will provide 13 unspecified protected vehicles for the transport of civilians. On 4 May, the UK announced it will provide 570 generators to Ukraine. 

On 6 May, the British government pledged £45 million to UN and humanitarian groups in and around Ukraine and additional medical supplies. As of 20 May, the British government has donated 11.07 million items of medicine and medical equipment to Ukraine. British hospitals are running out of drugs, dressings and beds.

27 June the British government pledged £10 million worth of equipment and materials for repairing the Ukrainian railway network.  4 July – The UK pledged to donate £10 million for repairs to the Ukraine energy grid and for reconnecting homes and to guarantee £41m of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) loans to Ukrenergo the Ukrainian national grid operator. British taxpayers pay the bill plus interest.  Interested yet?

The UK also committed an undisclosed sum to immediate life-saving assistance and de-mining operations through the £37 million raised by the Partnership Fund for a Resilient Ukraine multi-donor fund. The Partnership Fund for a Resilient Ukraine was launched by the UK in December 2021 with the aim to raise £35 million from donors over the next three years for support in the conflict-ravaged areas of Ukraine, it is supported by Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United States.

15 July the British government provided a £2.5 million package for the training of judges and forensic experts and for sending teams to the scenes of alleged Russian war crimes to aid Ukrainian prosecutors. 19 August the UK pledged £15 million of funding to support the basic needs of 200,000 refugees in Ukraine and Poland. 28 September £300,000 donated to the HALO Trust by the Scottish government.

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  1. Dear Mike, How right you are about Heidiland’s so-called neutrality. Neutrality? “Neutered-reality” would be more like it… Sam’s(who never was anyone’s “Uncle”) and his bosses’ target is the entirety of continental Europe (via Z-the-clown’s land).

    The system is so rotten that it is a dead-end thought to dream about “rebuilding” something. We shall have to build something different. And we will IF we understand that Nature is our objective allied in opposition to the Prometheans’ Artificial Ibtelligence bait. In the fight in process… there will be no quarters offered to the weak. Only the morally strongest and physically fittest will survive.

    NB: The Great Man had understood that… if only he hadn’t grossly underestimated the capacity of nuisance of what he would be up against…

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