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Hosted by veteran broadcaster Andrew Carrington Hitchcock, Mike Walsh one of the few surviving initiators of Western White Rights takes to the air for a near-record 100-plus broadcast. Without working from a script, Michael Walsh who first went to the White Rights barricades in 1968, takes a prophetic look at where the mess the West finds itself in will end.

On a personal note, it appears that he has every right to compare the sacrifices made by earlier generations of loyal white fighters in Britain, the United States and Europe to the rampant Legions of the Unwilling who need a much-wanted revolution – as long as someone else dips their hands in their pockets. He quotes Seneca: ‘What you say I don’t care. It is what you do that qualifies you.’ ~ Seneca.

Certainly a broadcast worth listening to and at 55 minutes many will consider the Michael Walsh Radio Broadcast too short.

ACH (2036) Michael Walsh – Is The West About To Be Dissolved?

In today’s show originally broadcast on January 19 2022, Andy is joined by Michael Walsh for a show entitled, “Is The West About To Be Dissolved?”

We discussed: the United States long history in meddling in other countries business; how Mike’s books have now been taken down by Lulu; how Adolf Hitler shared Germany’s prosperity with the German People rather than giving it to the Elites, as is done by Western Governments today; the recent protests throughout the UK against the BBC’s aggressive promotion of the vaccines, that the BBC have still failed to report on; how the Russian People have a far greater quality of life than People in the West; why Bolshevism and Communism is our enemy; Mike’s thoughts on how the conflict in the Ukraine could develop; and many other topics.

You can contact Mike for details of how you can donate to him here: and if he receives enough financial support, he has agreed to come back onto the show in the next couple of weeks.

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