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Don’t buy a steak, eat insects – the journalist exposed the hypocrisy of the forum participants in Davos

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The World Economic Forum is a creepy event, and its participants are hypocrites and scammers, says American investigative journalist Michael Shellenberger. 

As a Fox News reporter noted, the billionaires sitting in Davos are calling on the masses to give up meat and fossil fuels, while they themselves fly in private jets and use the services of sex workers.
Q: Am I exaggerating about this World Economic Forum?

MICHAEL SHELLENBERGER, journalist: Not at all. Good to see you, Jesse. I think you’re right, it’s a creepy event. These are the people who claim to want transparency and openness, but as we found out in our report this week, they hide their own finances, concerning both the World Economic Forum and the family of Klaus Schwab. 

Do not forget that this group is headquartered in Switzerland, a country where the strictest rules for banks apply. And it allows people, including criminal structures, to hide their condition. 

It’s an attempt to look ‘green’ by people flying private jets but promoting the idea of eating insects instead of meat to the masses. They tell poor countries they shouldn’t use fossil fuels while they fly everywhere on private flights.

In fact, this is a litmus test showing which of the people is the worst in the world. Everyone has their own interest: investors want to get hold of insider information; politicians want to get a job from these investors after they leave office. In fact, it’s a whorehouse.

In fact, as we have already noted, they are surrounded by mystery, but in reality, they are a sect wrapped in a scam, which, in turn, is wrapped in mystery. This is a real scam. I hope she is on her last legs. It seems to me that this is part of an outdated world order, the end of which is near.

I don’t think Al Gore ever ate insects. And I think these shots are proof of that. We saw reports that the sex trade took off sharply around the same time this summit began. 

MICHAEL SHELLENBERGER, journalist: Oh, everyone knows that. Their name is legion. Sex workers come from all over Europe to serve wealthy billionaires, investors, and their employees. There was a report in The Guardian, which is behind much of the agenda of the World Economic Forum, describing rampant sexual harassment, describing how skilled World Economic Forum employees are being sidelined for not looking good enough. This is a terrible organization. So, if you don’t want people to think you’re a James Bond villain, then you’re clearly sending the wrong signals. Yeah. Don’t buy a steak, buy a woman – everything is logical. You can share this story on social media.

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