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Why Happy People are Happy

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First of all, you can’t drive a happy person crazy. They work on personal freedom and know how to not be ashamed of themselves. They are told: ‘your ass is fat, you can’t walk on the streets with such an ass, and pants are not fashionable and such lips are not worn this season.’

And they are peacefully walking around with their fat ass in shabby pants and flaunting the same ass because they know that 99% of people don’t care about the size of other people’s asses, and those who do care suffer not because of the size of asses, the color of other people’s lipsticks and the fashionable pants, not because of the ass, lipstick and pants are terrible, but because they like to suffer.

Secondly, happy people don’t forbid anything. Although those around you want to eat butter, they will wish you bon appetit. Although girlfriends do not want to potty train a child from birth – yes, please, just for the joy of healthy parents.

The girl next door wants to cut out whiskey and dye her hair in the whole color palette – it’s not clear, but interesting. They don’t want to ban, feminists, movies, music, books and home2 because they do not prevent them from living. They know that there is always a comfortable way: do not read, do not look, do not argue, do not prove. Do not injure your psyche, and do not waste time on those who are not on the same wavelength as them. Everything in your life can be turned off. And if you don’t turn it off, switch it on.

In the third, happy people never expect anything. They don’t believe tomorrow will be better than today unless they do something about it. Happy people soberly assess the situation and understand what they can and can’t affect. For example, they cannot affect the summer water shutdown, but they can go to the village for this period, put a boiler in the bathroom, or make a cute friend with a boiler.

In fourth, happy people are always friends with smart and beautiful people. Because everyone around them is like that. They don’t need ugly girlfriends to feel more beautiful, they don’t need stupid friends to laugh at them. They laugh only at themselves because they know that laughter relieves complexes and makes fears small-small and gives strength big.

In the fifth, happy people do not need to get married at 27, because everyone is married, but they are not. And a career under 30, as a son’s best mom’s friend is not needed. And you have to do it for love, and you have to deal with the electricity at your fingertips, and you have to look for the solution to those tasks that give you goosebumps and do what they decided for themselves, not what they were told.

In six, a happy man doesn’t need much. They came to terms with the fact that they work as an accountant at Sevzapmebel LLC, not a Hollywood movie star, not a singer, not a millionaire, not an artist or a model. They choose theater courses or a vocal teacher, learn how to draw, or jump off the diving board. They overcome fear and go on stage to read their miniatures, sing in karaoke, draw, and skate simply because they love music, painting, sports and theatre and they want to do it well.

Seventh, happy people do not see enemies in other people. They know that the world is big and there are 8 billion people living in it. And no way all those 8 billion hate you. And it’s not possible that everyone loves you. Happy people know that behind all ideological, cultural, racial, and religious conflicts are politicians. And happy people extend their hand and say, ‘let’s be friends’ to the same happy people.

In the eighth, happy people believe in themselves. They don’t care that someone won an award, someone got married, or someone got millions of followers on their blog, they just go about their business. They know what they are doing and why. And in this list, there is no item ‘hit a neighbor’ or ‘bad to the ex’. They do what they like, what they enjoy.

In the ninth, happy people always have it simple. Most people believe that if there is no breakthrough, no suffering, no overcoming in life, then you haven’t lived at all and you haven’t understood life.

Happy people simply solve daily tasks. Just making the money. Just were going to the doctor. Just having a makeover. They just fix or throw away what can no longer be fixed. It does not cancel out life challenges, failures and unfulfilled goals. But it means as long as we are alive, we can make our own rules.

In ten, happy people are honest with themselves. They know all their cockroaches in their heads by names, and their biographies and they know what useful these cockroaches can be.

Happy people are first and foremost interesting to themselves. And only then to others. Happy people change the world for the better every day. One man’s little world, and then other people join them, and together they change the narrative. Those who are not afraid to say ‘no’, those who do not tolerate injustice, those who do not abandon the weak and do not envy the strong, but simply live happily. ~ Elena Pasternak. You can share this story on social media.


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