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Putin says Germany is still a WWII Occupied Country


Russian President Vladimir Putin said that American troops in Germany legally remain occupation forces under a Washington-imposed Constitution and vetted government. At the same time, he stressed that the USSR stopped the occupation of the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG), which it occupied during the division of Germany into four sectors.

‘After the Second World War, Germany was divided, as you know, into four sectors: American, British, French and Soviet.  So, the Soviet Union formalized the termination of this occupation status, but the United States did not.  And, strictly speaking, formally and legally, American occupying troops are on the territory of the FRG.  But in fact, it is true – there are a lot of them there, ‘the head of state said during a meeting with students (quoted by TASS).

After Germany joined  NATO in 1954, the occupation regime in the country was abolished. Subsequently, the number of American troops in Germany was sharply reduced. Today, five of the seven American garrisons in Europe are located in Germany. Berlin argued that US troops in Germany provide transatlantic security.

In 2020, the 45th US President Donald Trump approved the withdrawal of 11.9 thousand US troops from Germany. 25,000 US troops were to remain. However, the administration of current US President Joe Biden froze this decision. You can share this story on social media.

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  1. A must watch video from 1952, and they are still doing it along with Weather Control and using Weather as a weapon.

    It’s not Climate Change it’s Weather Control.
    Look up Frankenskies the Documentary.


  2. Germany doesn’t even have its own constitution, just a banana one. It is an occupied country since 1945.

    Since markel took power and stayed longer than Hitler, Germany has descended into a feudal mmarxist-globalist stae where native Germans are second class citizens and the scum of the world can come, kill, rape and masscre at will the Germans.

    Worst of all, many Germans even help their own destruction.

    The WEF infiltrated agents that now run the country are going to destroy it like no one ever did before. Even the DDR wasn’t a dictatorship like Germany is.

    of course, the WHORES of the media are largely to blame. The lugenpress is back and in the hands of humanity’s enemies.

    I see no peaceful solution but a purge, a global purge of all the scum at the top, starting by the Dvaos clique.

    When people understand that only the elimination of the predator class can save the day, it will start.

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