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Mealworms and crickets are recognized as fit for human consumption in Europe


The European Union has approved eating insects. So far, mealworms and crickets have been allowed to be sold, according to Firstpost, but eight more options remain under consideration. The EU’s unelected two presidents and its 27 steak-eating unelected commissioners said that this decision ‘will have a positive impact on the environment, the health of citizens and the economic situation.’

In the European Union, it will soon be possible to eat spider bugs for lunch and dinner instead of chicken. The EU has approved the consumption of four types of insects. So far, mealworms and reared and farmed crickets have been allowed to be sold, but eight more options remain under consideration.

The larvae will be sold as a powder, paste, and dried and frozen, while the crickets will be sold as a partially defatted powder. The larvae are said to be consumed whole or as a powdered addition to snacks and noodles.

According to, the EU will require manufacturers to label the presence of insect ingredients on the packaging. This will be done for those who are allergic to crustaceans, molluscs and dust mites.

According to Forbes, this decision will open the way for insect products on the shelves throughout the European Union.

So far, these products are only sold in supermarkets in the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark due to a special interpretation of the law from 1997, according to which all previously unknown food is considered ‘new’.

Interestingly and ‘coincidentally’ hundreds of agricultural and dairy farms are closing down throughout Europe in response to governments refusing to purchase nitrogen fertilizers from Russia. Soon, ne will have to be a taxpayer-funded political oligarch to be able to eat food as we know it today.

Perhaps in an attempt to allay public fears, the European Commissioners in the tax-funded palaces tweeted last week that ‘no one will force anyone to eat insects.’

According to Forbes, mealworms contain as much protein, vitamins and minerals as fish or meat. And Politico magazine observed that mealworms taste ‘much like peanuts.’ They can be salted, dipped in chocolate, sprinkled on salads, and even added to the soup. 

There are clear environmental and economic benefits if we replace traditional animal protein sources with ones that require less feed, produce less waste and reduce greenhouse gas emissions,’ said Mario Mazzocchi, a statistician and professor at the University of Bologna.

Lowering costs and prices can increase food security, and new demand will open up new economic opportunities, but will also affect existing sectors,’ he added.

According to Forbes, the UN has been pushing people to eat insects since 2013, when the Edible Insects report was released, in order to solve the so-called food security problem. According to Forbes, meat alternatives are a growing market. YOU CAN SHARE THIS STORY ON SOCIAL MEDIA. 

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