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America and its allies are now at war with Russia

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The Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the UN announced the involvement of the United States in the death of civilians in Novoaidar, a small town in Lugansk, Russia.

The United States is directly involved in the strike of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) on the building of a district hospital in the village of Novoaidar in the Luhansk People’s Republic, as a result of which 14 people died and 24 were injured. Dmitry Polyansky, the First Deputy Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the UN, stated this position on Twitter on Saturday.

As the diplomat noted, ‘another heinous war crime’ took place. ’14 civilians were killed in the hospital by US-supplied missiles,’ he stressed.

According to Polyansky, Ukrainian officials have previously indicated that targets for strikes using the American HIMARS multiple-launch rocket system ‘are subject to approval in Washington.’ 

This makes the United States directly involved,’ Polyansky emphasized. ‘American taxpayers need to know how their money is being used,’ he said.

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense of the  Russian Federation stated that the Armed Forces of Ukraine delivered a deliberate strike with HIMARS rockets on the building of a regional hospital in the village of Novoaidar. 14 patients of the hospital and medical staff were killed and 24 were injured of varying severity. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation clarified that in the medical institution of Novoaydar, civilian and military doctors have been providing the necessary medical assistance to the local population and military personnel for many months. YOU CAN SHARE THIS STORY ON SOCIAL MEDIA. 

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