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What have these books got in common and the answer may surprise you


The Leaving of Liverpool, All I ask is a Tall Ship, A Sanctuary of Lovers, Megacaust, The Business Booster, Heroes of the Reich, Witness to History (full edition), Forty Shades of Verse, Sex Fest at Tiffany, The Dovetails Hotel.

A Leopard in Liverpool, The Souls Meet, The Stigma Enigma, Sagas of the Seas Volumes I, II, III, IV. The Fifth Column Volumes I, II, The Phantom of Ophelia, To Inspire a Nation Volume I and II, The Last Gladiators, Africa’s Killing Fields.

RMS Britannic Waives the Rules, Slaughter of a Dynasty, Trotsky’s White Negroes, The All Lies Invasion Volumes I and II, Rhodesia’s Death Europe’s Funeral.

Heart to Heart Poetry Volumes I, II and III (Poetry Collections). With over 1,300 poems directly or indirectly published the Liverpool-born Irish writer is also Britain and Europe’s most prolific and contemporary poet.

His history volumes include The Holy Book of Adolf Hitler, The Art of Adolf Hitler, Testigo de la Historia, Uncensored Adolf Hitler, Ransacking the Reich, The Red Brigands, and The Rise of the Sun Wheel.

The All Lies Invasion Volumes I and II, Sculptures and Porcelain of the Third Reich Volumes I, II and III, The Exiled Duke, Debtors Revenge, Death of a City, Twilight over England, The Program of the NSDAP, The Triumph of Reason.

It is doubtful if any contemporary author, historian or poet has received more tributes from the great, the famous, and the illustrious in every branch of life.

Toni Muldoon the Dream Snatcher, The German Declaration of War on the Soviet Union, Life in the Reich, The Triumph of Reason, Witness to History Volumes I, II, III and IV, Heroes Hang when Traitors Triumph, The Last Testament of Adolf Hitler, Reich and Wrong.

A Symphony of Verse, Voices from the Other Side Volumes I and II. Immortal Beloved, Whispering Hope, Wine Thoughts. For Those Who Cannot Speak, Forty Shades of Verse, Immortal Beloved, In Love with Latvia.

‘After your poem, it was breathtaking but also, I had tears, I felt a fever.  You touched so deeply my heart till my soul.  It was so beautiful. I can’t find again right words but I can say a big thank you that you saw me in this poem, and yes, I saw myself there. Your poems are divine.’ ~  Ina Čaklā.

In 2011, the Euro Weekly News Group exclusively awarded Michael Walsh ‘Writer of the Year.’ Michael Walsh has received plaudits from leading media editors, influential writers, politicians, household name celebrities, and of course from scores of established and novice writers for whom he has helped to get published.

If you guessed all 75 book titles are authored and published by Michael Walsh you are right. Michael has been described as Britain and Europe’s most successful multi-topic author.

As a media columnist, the world travelling novelist has few equals. In one busy period of his life, he was the leading columnist for 17 periodicals in Southern Spain. Unsurprisingly, tributes poured in from editors and fellow columnists who agree that his columns were ‘devoured’ by readers.’

‘Michael, Thank you so much for your incredible, enthusiastic articles. I am so surprised when meeting people how the most intelligent are depressed with the pressures of life.  They say how much these articles help them.  

‘The magazine is now distributed and receives so many compliments. I keep increasing copies but never enough they just fly out. Thank you for your incredible help and intriguing articles. Carol R. Levey.

Michael Walsh is the European Correspondent for the renowned American Free Press and on the Editorial Board of the esteemed periodical The Barnes Review.

What have Michael Walsh’s books got in common? The answer may surprise you. All Michael Walsh books, his poetry collections and history-related publishing were removed and permanently banned by online book publishing giants Amazon and LULU who consider Europe’s most prolific multi-topic writer to be politically incorrect. YOU CAN SHARE THIS STORY ON SOCIAL MEDIA.

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