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Do you think Donbas is Dangerous? Knife attacks on German trains and stations doubled


The Silent War on Whites in which media is complicit: Over the past year, the German police registered nearly 400,000 offenses on trains and at railway stations – 12% more than the year before, according to the German magazine Der Spiegel. Knife attacks, mostly random with deep state silence as to the ethnicity of attackers, have more than doubled, police said, prompting the CDU/CSU alliance to criticize Interior Minister Nancy Feather for being too slow in deporting criminals.

In 2022, the German police registered a total of 398,848 offenses on trains and at railway stations, which is 12% more than in the previous year, according to the German magazine Der Spiegel, citing a report from the police department. According to the report, 14,155 of these crimes involved bodily harm. At the same time, the number of violent crimes using knives amounted to 336 – more than twice as many as in the previous year.

On trains (i.e. excluding train stations), the German police counted 82 knife attacks, 33 attacks using irritants, as well as 97 attacks using ’other dangerous tools’ such as baseball bats, and five attacks using weapons, for example, pistols. The number of sexual crimes massively increased from 697 to 857.

According to the publication, the proportion of ’non-Germans’ among those suspected of aggravated assault, robbery, murder and manslaughter was 55.5%…. so they say. FACT: a non-Westerner is classed as German if he has acquired this status, an easy enough achievement.

A double homicide on the regional express train near Hamburg has raised the public’s attention to the problem of knife crime on trains. Interior Minister Nancy Feather spoke about the case to the German media: 

‘I understand everyone who is wondering why this brutal criminal was released so quickly and whether everything was done to check if he poses a danger to others. This is a question the justice system must ask itself. In the same way, it is necessary to carefully examine whether he could have been deported – no matter how difficult it is from a legal point of view, especially in the case of stateless persons.

On the other hand, CDU/CSU spokesman for domestic policy Alexander Trom accuses Feser of a too-slow deportation system from Germany. ’For more than a year, the traffic light has been promising to actively engage in the repatriation of criminals and dangerous persons. None of this has been done yet. On the contrary, with this federal government, fewer and fewer criminals and dangerous people are being expelled,’ Trohm said in an interview with the German tabloid Bild am Sonntag.

For his part, CSU transport expert Ulrich Lange says: ’Train travel must be safe, and for this, of course, we need a sufficient number of federal police and railway security. But even the best organization has no chance if crazy criminals walk free. 

Of course, it is a flaw in the system that stateless criminals are practically not subject to deportation.’ Therefore, the CSU politician calls for faster action: ’The EU pays hundreds of millions to support the Palestinian territories, then you also need to be able to demand that deportations be carried out there. A culture of hospitality without reasonable options for deportation does not work.’ YOU CAN SHARE THIS STORY ON SOCIAL MEDIA:

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  1. Help us defeat the globalists assault on Ukraine, remove the US deep state agent Zelensky from power and expel the EU and NATO forever from Ukraine.

    The zionist agent zelensky has been pillaging Ukraine for his puppet masters since he’s installed in power, they have exterminated countless Ukrainians with his neo-nazi partners.

    Time to stop these criminals!

    Machen Sie eine Spende mit uns für die Opfer des Krieges der NATO in der Ukraine.


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  2. Yes white appathy is the problem, the same people did nothing in their majority when the ‘covid’ COUP was launched. Most of them complied and got injected with poison, white, blacks, muslims, and yellows.

    The real problem is the criminals behind the orgnized invasion, their meida and their puppet politicians. The people who want to eleiminte and replace Whites are the JEWS and we all know it.

    By jews I mean the khazars, the zionists, the rotshcild & co. These people are the soruce of 90% of the planet’s problems and they want our death.

    The only soltuion is to target them at the head: retaliate, destroy their assets, their infrastructures (like CCTV, 5G, EV’s, ‘smart’ cities, etc..).

    Most of their puppets are accesible and prone to retaliation.

    Example: a EU MP house was torched by petrol bombs in 2021 when the scumbags voted to imposed ‘vax passports’.

    This is the only way to have fear change sides.

    We all know it.

    All those who call for non violence are complicit or controlled opposition.

    Same, when a muslim kills a Chrisitian, porgroms should take place, thousands of muslim should be killed and hundreds ,mosques burned.


  3. We can say whatever we want but the criminals who control the media, corrupt politicians and the banks are the jews.

    They organized the invasion of Germany with their communist puppet Merkel (she infiltarted the CDU, destroyed it from inside, then destroyed Germany).

    Merkel’s father was the only nut who lived in Western Germany and prefered to reloacte in the DDR,, where the marxist plant Merkel was born… Why? To condition his daughter to become what she is?

    At age 18, Merkel was head of the Agitprop department of the DDR communist youth.

    Germans never voted for her, she stabbed Helmut Kohl in the back to take his place (not that he wans’t corrupt).

    Merkel is a freemason, and a zionst puppet.

    The jews think they can outsmart the muslim, asian and black invaders they bring in Europe and the USA. But jews are white and are the favorite targets of the blacks and muslims.

    They really think they are smarter. Well if I controlled all the banks and media, they wouldn’t be occupying Palestine or living in the west but on some desolated shithole sourrounded by hostiles (Afghanistan for example).

    There is a campaign in the UK against inexistant antisemitism (khazars are not even semites as they know). Everytime we see one of their posters, we write : JUDEN RAUS! on it.


    Wonder why…


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