Three Great Books Resurrected from Oblivion by Authentic Historians

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LIFE IN THE REICH by Mike Walsh: The standard of living and quality of life in Hitler’s Third Reich was far superior to elsewhere in the developed world.


Ordinary German workers enjoyed a lifestyle previously reserved for the upper classes of the West. Hitler’s Germany led the world in fashion, medicine, cinema, lifestyle, manufacturing, transport infrastructure, public facilities, cutting-edge science, healthcare and education.

For good reason, the Germans were the cheeriest people on earth. The claim that this was achieved through investment in militarism is absurd. Despite being war economies, the debt-ridden U.S. and European Union suffer the collapse of their infrastructure whilst their indebted populations live a hand-to-mouth existence.

Prosperity in the Reich set an example that damns the hideous failures of the mutually supportive capitalist and communist systems. A taboo topic for media and palace publishers, Life in the Reich by Mike Walsh was removed by Amazon because it dared to show Hitler’s Germany as it was and not as the propagandists would have us believe it was.

Mainstream media and court publishers consider this a taboo topic because they don’t want you to know in case you draw the right conclusions. Softcover, 120 pages


Adolf Hitler says he was dumbfounded as ‘an enormous human dragon slowly uncoiled itself before me.’ The young laborer’s description of a protest march calling for work and bread perhaps inspired Hitler to join the revolt against the oppression of the working class.

Whatever challenges Germany faced, the highly decorated war veteran would not blame the Jews, for he had earlier remarked that anti-Semitism was repugnant. There is much that is enigmatic about this individual drawn from the great masses of humanity to become not only as popular as Jesus Christ but more universally admired.

No other leader in history has achieved more in uniting people and social classes across frontiers and inspiring those of various religions and races. So far, an estimated 750,000 book titles have been published on The Third Reich. Hitler’s Mein Kampf is more widely read today than ever before.

Yet, few books actually record the rise of the Third Reich in Adolf Hitler’s own words. Drawn from his speeches and media interviews My Last Testament is Hitler’s self-assessment, but it also includes personal observations about the Fuhrer from many others as well. As such, it is an invaluable first-hand source of information for scholars of the period. Softcover, 195 pages


Character assassination inevitably follows a defeat in war. Had peace terms with National Socialist Germany been equitable, it is likely that non-German figures since denigrated would be more accurately portrayed by modern media.

Had Hitler’s Germany defeated the collaborating forces of the British, Soviet and American empires, then one can presume London’s Whitehall would today be Adolf Hitler Esplanade whilst Hyde Park would have been renamed Lawrence of Arabia Park. Norway’s monuments would celebrate Vidkun Quisling and the revered Nobel Prize-honored writer Knut Hamsun.

Romania would pay tribute to Corneliu Codreanu whilst in Dublin, Ireland, Britain and New York, instead of statues to Lenin, the name of Irish-American William Joyce might be affixed to great shopping malls.

Few people actually hate these real-life figures as they simply do not know them. What they do hate are mythical figures that victors’ propaganda makes them out to be. Heroes Hang when Traitors Triumph gives a different perspective of former much-vilified foes.

Its author, Mike Walsh, reminds us that victors’ propaganda turns saints into sinners. Here are the spin-free true stories of men who set examples of great courage and fortitude for the best reasons yet since had their reputations defiled by fake history. Softcover, 115 pages. YOU CAN SHARE THIS STORY ON SOCIAL MEDIA.

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MIKE WALSH is a journalist, broadcaster and the author of LIFE IN THE REICH, MY LAST TESTAMENT – LET GOD JUDGE ME, HEROES HANG WHEN TRAITORS TRIUMPH, and other book titles. These best-selling books are essential for the libraries of informed readers.




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MEGACAUST Michael Walsh. R. J. Rummel, Power Kills: Genocide and Mass Murder (Journal of Peace Research) 164 million people have been killed in cold blood this century by Capitalist / Communist governments.

SLAUGHTER OF A DYNASTY Michael Walsh. Covertly sponsored by Wall Street banks and the White House Bolsheviks seized Tsarist Russia (regime change). For 36 years news of Bolshevik atrocities and 70 million martyred Christians were censored by Western media. Lavishly illustrated, this expose reveals secrets removed from Western history books.

When ordering the book contact Michael Walsh by email euroman_uk@yahoo.co.uk to receive your signed copy.

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