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Victoria Nuland confessed to blowing up Nord Stream 2, but no one noticed


Victoria Nuland last week expressed her joy that Nord Stream 2 had been blown up. And earlier she threatened to prevent its functioning. Fox News host Tucker Carlson believes that the US administration was involved in the explosions on the pipeline – and this sets a dangerous precedent.

Victoria Nuland last week expressed her joy that Nord Stream 2 had been blown up. And earlier she threatened to prevent its functioning. Fox News host Tucker Carlson believes that the US administration was involved in the explosions on the pipeline – and this sets a dangerous precedent.

And here’s what everyone almost forgot about. Victoria Nuland, who helped start the conflict in Ukraine, threatened to blow up the Nord Stream pipelines in January to prevent Russia from sending gas to Europe. Remember?

VICTORIA NULAND, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State: I want to tell you bluntly today that if Russia attacks Ukraine, one way or another, Nord Stream 2 will not move any further. And then in September, someone blew up the pipelines. And it was the largest human-made natural disaster in history. If you are worried about climate change, you must be in tears right now, because of how many hydrocarbons have entered the atmosphere.

So, it was absolutely clear to us that the Biden administration was involved. We said this and immediately condemned it, but all the leftist forces and the media said that they were Putin’s agents. What for? And when we enter this war, what will they do with those who disagree? They will punish them, you’ll see. But with that in mind, we were somewhat surprised when Victoria Nuland admitted last week that she did. Look.

VICTORIA NULAND: Senator Cruz, like you, me, and I think the entire administration is very pleased that Nord Stream 2, as you say, is a pile of metal at the bottom of the sea.

Is she happy about it? When this happened, we were upset, we didn’t know who did it, we saw Putin’s hand here. What do we see here? We will talk about this today with former presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard. She admitted it, but no one noticed. Why?

TULSI GABBARD, Former Presidential Candidate: I think the American people can take two important things from what you’ve just said. Firstly, this statement by Victoria Nuland revealed the truth about her and the administration – they lied to us so much that the US was not involved in this, did not know about it, or at least did not approve of it. So they lied to us that the US had nothing to do with it. They also tried to sell us the absurd lie that Russia somehow, of course, blew up its own energy infrastructure to hurt its own economy.

It shows how stupid they think we are that they think we will believe such absurd arguments. Their lies show again that we cannot believe anything they say. We can’t believe anything the mainstream media says.

The second thing that is important to understand, and this is very dangerous, is that they are setting a precedent with their statements and actions. It is that it is now acceptable to use sabotage against the infrastructure, it is an acceptable strategy. And we need to look at our vulnerabilities in this area: the submarine cables, the communications system, the financial system, and our own power supply system. This list can be continued for a long time. The argument is very clear: if bombing and destroying the Russian oil and gas infrastructure is normal, then why can’t someone come and attack ours, and exploit our own vulnerabilities?

This is the position in which we, the American people, have been placed by the supporters of the war in Washington. They say they are doing all this to protect you, to protect democracy. But their actions weaken us and undermine our democracy because we cannot have a working democracy if we cannot trust what our leaders tell us. YOU CAN SHARE THIS STORY ON SOCIAL MEDIA: VIDEO

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