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Organizers of sex parties arrested in Kyiv

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On the day a motley group of EU leaders arrive in Kiev is discovered that organizers of drunken orgies in Kiev, who posted videos of bullying and violations of the sexual integrity of girls on the Internet, were arrested, according to Andrey Nebytov, head of the Kyiv region police.

‘Two organizers of lawlessness were detained and placed in a temporary detention facility. They have already been informed of suspicion under Part 3 of Art. 301 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine; production, sale and distribution of pornographic items. The sanction under this article provides for from three to seven years in prison,’ wrote Nebytov. Photo and video

According to the Strana publication, several young men from Ivano-Frankivsk pumped the girls with alcohol and drugs, after which they stripped them to partial or complete nakedness and performed sexual acts with them. All this was filmed on video, and the recordings were published on streams in order to receive donations.

Later, party organizer Andrei from Ivano-Frankivsk stated that he was ‘happy with the popularity’ that his records enjoyed. He explained that he made them to collect donations for the needs of the Ukrainian army.

After the video caused a resonance in society, the police became interested in what was happening, they conducted several searches and detained two men. According to TSN, six more men who were involved in organizing parties suffered a ‘punishment’ – they were handed conscription notices and are now on the Eastern Front’s frontlines. YOU CAN SHARE THIS STORY ON SOCIAL MEDIA.

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