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The Phone Call in a Million that saved a Life

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We sat at home with my husband, reading when my mobile sounded an incoming call from an unknown number. I’m taking a drink, and picking up my mobile I hear an unfamiliar voice. I can hear what some old grandmother is saying. ‘Help, I’m locked up here, no food, nothing to drink, I’m dying!’ The phone then went dead.

‘I am getting too old for this I said to my husband who suggested ‘I relax. Someone is probably joking.’

Well, I sat down to continue reading, but my heart is not in its right place. I decided to call the number back, but the signal went off, and then I hear someone crying.

I screamed, ‘Grandma, where are you from? Where do you live.’

All I heard was ‘Lenina and again silence.

Well, I was completely freaked out. I tell my husband: there’s trouble, something must be done! He looked at me, realized that I was upset and said, ‘Let’s dial, see if we can find out where did the call come from?’

We looked by the code, and it turned out that the region of the caller is not ours. Here I am completely lost: ‘What to do’?

But my husband did not panic. He found the phone number of the police department of that city on the Internet. He called, told them everything, and asked to be sure to check the address, which they said they would.

That night I almost didn’t sleep, I kept thinking – what happened? And the next day my phone was called again.

I answered and the stranger said he was from the police. It turns out we found them just in time. The grandmother they told me had not risen from her convalescence bed for several months after she broke her hip and neck. Her husband died; her son took care of her. They had a phone to communicate, but their grandmother never learned how to use it.

Two days before that mystery call, her son fell under a car on the street. He turned out to be in intensive care. When he regained consciousness, he lost his memory.

During this time his mother, unable to rise from her bed was helpless and unknowing what had happened to her hospitalized son. ‘I wanted to call, but the cell phone was on the other end of the room – it was on the table.’

Fighting hypertension, she had to crawl out of the bed and reach the table. Somehow, she reached the phone but she did not understand how to use it to make a call. Then she began to randomly dial numbers, several times and even got somewhere, but they hung up there when they heard her moaning.

The call she made to me was her last attempt. She was lying on the floor, she was clearly at her point of no return.

When the police opened the door (it also took time – they had to talk to the neighbours and perform other procedures), the grandmother was unconscious. Then the doctors said that if it was just a little more time it would not be possible to save her. Thankfully, everything turned out fine. Later grandma’s son called us, thanked us for a long time, and then told us: his mother was recovering.

Since then, I’ve been trying to treat people more carefully. Because anything happens in life. And if you have the opportunity to help someone, you must do it. the author is not specified. YOU CAN SHARE THIS STORY ON SOCIAL MEDIA.

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