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It is commonly thought that the buying and selling of human beings, who are then used as their owner wishes, is a thing of the far distant past…. the 18th Century and before.

However, slavery has been far more widespread in our lifetime than at any time in antiquity. Inconvenient history it might be but during my lifetime millions of surrendered prisoners of war were bartered and enslaved by the Soviets, Americans, British and French allies just as were 17th-century Africans.

In clear defiance of the Geneva Convention, Article 57, Britain made use of German captives until 1948. Pressure from the International Red Cross (IRC) and public indignation left Westminster little choice but to finally return the captives to their home countries.

Using pillaged German trains and UK / US Lend Lease rail rolling stock the Soviets vacuumed up millions of men, women and children from all corners of Europe.

Until the 1960s these unfortunates disappeared into the Soviet Union’s Gulag slave camps or were used as free labour to build canals, dams, and infrastructure, invested in by the great corporations of America. These wretches were described by Leon Trotsky as ‘White Negroes’. Petrograd December 1917.

Nations in my lifetime were also enslaved and bartered as freely as human beings. In February 1945, the leaders of the Soviet Union, Britain and the United States gathered at Yalta in Crimea.

The notorious and deeply sinister Yalta Agreement sealed the fate of 21 democratic nations. Ironically, one of those nations gifted to Stalin’s brutal regime was Poland, for whose territorial integrity Britain had declared war on September 3 1939.

Albert L. Weeks, researcher and author of Russia’s Life-Saver: Lend-Lease Aid to the USSR in World War II, described the Soviet Union as ‘a regime as brutal as their Nazi enemy’. It is little wonder therefore that the most shameful document in history is rarely referred to.

I cringe as I picture dwarfish ex-bank robber and tyrant Joe Stalin looking on Britain’s unelected Winston Churchill signs over the territories, resources and human rights of the peoples of 21 nations.

President Roosevelt, whose election pledge was to keep America out of the war, then adds his moniker. Finally, Joe Stalin, the greatest killer in human history smugly adds his name to the document from hell.

Britain celebrates the end of World War II in Europe on May 8 but for 21 countries the war and occupation were to last another 45 years.

Churchill and Roosevelt submitted to Soviet occupation of 21 nations including half of Germany, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Albania, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbek, Kazakh, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Moldavia, Kirghiz, Tajik, Turkmen Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia.

Churchill, when asked if history would think kindly of him, replied; “of course, for I will write it.”

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  1. This is the first time I found anyone writing about the actual consquences of the Yalta Conference. I wonder why … [ret]

    Sorry to say, but Josef Stalin was not the greatest killer in history. Stalin was surpassed by Mao Zedong, who is responsible for over 100 million lifes.

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